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Since its inception in 2014, Glitterbox has become the beloved party brand, and record label by Simon Dunmore founder of house music iconic label Defected Records. They spread their love and devotion to house music and accepted everyone in its path worldwide. The globally recognized Glitterbox made its triumphant return to New York City for a back-to-back weekend takeover at the immersive nightclub House Of Yes in Brooklyn. Only but love concept, accepting all walks of life for a wild night of dancing, drinks, unique attire, art, and performers.

The Glitterbox weekend takeover at House Of Yes was on Friday, February 16, and Saturday, February 17 for an extravagant blowout party filled with love, glitter, and gorgeous performers. The two-night event had different curated lineups for each night. Both nights' original and different experiences both filled with GLITTER. On Friday, February 16 with an electrifying lineup that includes the legendary house and dance music singer and songwriter, Crystal Waters alongside LA’s crossover DJ Heidi Lawden. NIght one lineup also includes the multi-faced producer Zach Witness and the brilliantly creative artist Sunny Cheeba. Night two of Glitterbox on February 17 was entertained by Longdon house music maestro Riva Starr, Detroit tastemaker Rimarkable, JKRIV, and Rich Medina performing in the ONYX Room for an unforgettable weekend.


A New Dawn. a New Year as we enter into a new direction and path in life, continuing our own lives, and making strides, and goals, in 2024. New York’s wellness event brand, Sonic Jungle presented their most intimate and fulfilling New Year’s Eve party in history. Bringing culture, music, art, and performers together on one beautiful night celebrating the New Year. A New Dawn had its biggest production of the year with a stellar musical lineup from infamous DJs and producers to underground local artists, live musicians, and talented performers. Making the New Year rave scene an even more tight community. This unique event set the right intentions for prosperity, peace, and love for all as we embark on a fresh and new perspective.

The NYE event took place at Brooklyn’s industrial location, 1896 Studios. The legendary 20,000-square-foot location was built in the 1800s with multiple 40-foot ceilings with old-world architecture. Built with three rooms filled with exciting adventures with classic bricks. 1896 Studios includes a beautiful courtyard accessible for everyone and immersive art cars. JunXion X Sonic Jungle transformed the unique dance and art space into a beautiful world of love, emotions, and happiness into a magnificent safe, and warming celebration.

A New Dawn

JunXion X Sonic Jungle+ Presents: A New Dawn New Year's was no celebration without its diverse and cosmic lineup including world-renowned DJs and producers, live musicians, New York underground artists, and performers. Bringing DJs from infamous dance music labels such as All Day I Dream, Rapture, Anjunadeep, and Akumandra. The night was taken into a world of transfusion and impeccable sound filling each room with a new and different vibe. Sprawling across three stages and rooms, which were A New Dawn Stage, the Jungle Room, and the Live Music Lounge.

Starting the night was the New York native Tory with a special back-to-back performance from New York’s pristine house music artist, Melissa XYZ. Bringing everyone into the New Year with an emotional and moving set by All Day I Dream’s top artist Roy Rosenfeld. Throughout his two-hour set the entire room was packed, feeling every chord and vibration bellowing from the speakers. The daring and invented DJ who always breaks the rule in creating music, delivered a premiere and memorable set bringing everyone into a new direction in 2024. As the clock turns to midnight the crowd gathers to see balloons dropping from the air filled with confetti, people coming together to pop all the balloons filling the room with confetti all around, and people cheering, kissing, and hugging. The night continued with the head leader of the Anjundeep label, Jody Wisternoff. Leading everyone into the first new hours of 2024 with a compelling and theatrical set filled with deep, sensational vibes. It was the first time I saw both Roy Rosenfeld and Jody Wiseternoff two extremely popular deep progressive house DJs. The night was extraordinary, even more with witnessing those two sets which were my personal favorites. 

The magical night continues with Mexican-born, New York-based electronic music producer and founder Akumandra, Sainte Vie presenting a colorful and infectious performance. The talented and extremely hard-working DJ and producer brought the New Dawn Stage to life leading to the break of daybreak. Rounding out the extravagant event was one of the main representatives of Akumandra, Mateo. Nobody wanted to leave during his performance, especially at the end of the event to the early morning. The moving set brought the community a strong and deep feeling throughout the entire room.

A New Dawn crowd paint

More talented DJs included Catori back-to-back with Orijins, DJ Bengali, and JunXion artist 2MElO, plus Zero Community’s headlining artists Oba + Flip the New York duo is known to elevate their energy through their sets bringing the crowd closer with a wide range of bright tones and spirit. All performing in the Jungle Room. The Jungle was a smaller but more intimate room with warm vibes and energy was a crowd favorite throughout the night.

The New Dawn celebration was filled with talented music throughout the night from DJs to live music. Including a Live Music Lounge, with a Classic Violin with Sara, Brass Brand, and a special finale at the end of the night, plus a Mariachi Band, and Sax Serenades (Grammy Winner Aaron Burnett). Throughout the night during DJ sets and live bands, there were over ten immersive performances some included acrobatic dances presented by Hybrid Movement Company, and performances elevating the dancers into a new dimension. There were immersive LED dragons, Stilt Walkers, and Ritual Dances interacting with the crowd throughout each room. Plus, Tarot Readings by Stars with Shelly, Stretch Station by Hayley (Gaia Nomaya), Cuddle Puddle, Live Artists, and black light body painting, Burlesque. Last but not least the fun and trippy Art Car, which was filled with good vibes all around.

performers and dancers
Cuddle Puddle

It was a memorable event for entering the New Year with an amazing crowd to include. Each person in the crowd was a character, happy and sharing the love and vibes to every stranger and friend bringing the entire party into one community. For one night of peace and unity. From the end of the night to the morning none were strangers, we were family, a closer community. Regenerating together in unity for a New Dawn in life and entering the next chapter. Be sure to follow and stay up to date with more events presented by Sonic Jungle and JunXion as we engage into the New Year of 2024.


These days in clubbing the crowd gets to hear the headliner for two to three hours. In the past artists would spin up to six to eight hours conducting the audience throughout the entire night. The innovative Progressive house pioneer, Cristoph is currently re-difying the origin of nightclubs with his latest project O2C featuring ONLY the popular DJ and producer, Cristoph, and his music. He is currently on tour with his project, he will continue the tour in Seattle, Detroit, Toronto, and Denver, and end his tour in LA. Cristoph intends to take the crowd on an intimate and immersive journey through sight and sound. The open-to-close concept has zero openers or closing acts, only Cristoph will be the headliner at each event. The electronic music maestro curated an experience like no other. It’s a total of seventy-one hours of tunes with an impressive fifteen show dates. The team had a chance to catch his New York show at Avant Gardner in the King's Hall.


New York’s premier nightclub, Musica NYC is continuing its impressive summer lineup. Since the beginning, the nightclub had one of the highest rosters in dance music from all realms, including Eli & Fur, Cristoph, and progressive house DJ and producer John Digweed. Thomas John Digweed is a British DJ and record producer and one of the biggest. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with Sasha; the group name, Sasha & John Digweed. Also with Nick Muir as Bedrock.  At the age of 15, he’s been sneaking into nightclubs to party and led to performing. In 1999, Bedrock Records was born and John Digweed continued to tour, collaborate and perform. He has solidified the name Legend and Goat for a while, bringing in various generations of John Digweed and his progressive house vibes. John Digweed continues to release new music and perform at festivals and large and small nightclubs globally John Digweed is currently, he is on his world tour, performing at Extrema Outdoor, FuturFestival, On The Beach UK, and Ibiza. He recently completed his US tour which began in March to his final US date at Musica NYC.


New York’s home-based dance music festival, Electric Zoo, revamped itself with all new additions, technology, and stages. The thirteenth edition of the music festival took over Randall’s Island again this Labor Day Weekend. But, it wasn’t a wild trip with neon animals and themed stages. Instead, the Electric Zoo Festival went 3.0 with the help of new partners and a futuristic theme. Over 100,000 attendees from 50 states and 50 countries traveled to New York City to experience the newly innovative festival. 

It was beyond their most superb edition of the longest-running dance music festival in New York. There was a complete renovation of the layout, stages, VIP entry, and invited artists. A slew of the best rising underground talent from Truth x Lies, Pretty Pink, CANVAS, and Black Carl! On Randalls Island, top-tier sets were heard from globally renowned legends, including Tchami, Loco Dice, Cristioph, Gorgon City, Diplo, Camelphat, Armin van Burren, and Carl Cox


Its been three years since the last Moonrise Festival happened in Baltimore, Maryland. Once the first promo advertisement appeared, the dance community was beyond ecstatic. It's known as one of the longest-running festivals in the area. It was seven years ago when I attended my first Moonrise. The festival was very unorganized, although it did bring an incredible lineup. However, the stages were much smaller, and it was difficult to hear most of the sets due to poor sound production. A few sets did stand out, and I made terrific friends that weekend that I still keep in touch with. This year with the rebranding, it will be a sensory experience like no other that will transform the famous harbor city. What to expect was unknown as a new branded festival under the ownership of Insomniac Events and Club Glow. This wasn’t the first time the flagship events company revamped an existing music festival. All expectations were at the highest peak of performances in all realms. The planets and stars aligned accordingly in the Universe as time led up to the weekend of the Moonrise Festival.


It was the Opening Weekend of The Brooklyn Mirage 2022 season. Before the doors even opened, photos began to surface of the revamp of the venue. The hype was even more exciting for all ticket holders for the weekend. When doors officially opened people flooded the entry at full speed. People couldn’t wait to see the new stage. Their status catapulted them to a world-class entertainment palace of groundbreaking production and engineering. The new video wall stands a 200-foot wide by a 100-foot custom-built stage roof. As a result, the echoes of screaming fans range to an even bigger velocity. Word has to spread across the country and globe, and almost every DJ is eager to perform at The Brooklyn Mirage. From social media photos and epic sets, this will bring a new crowd and offer a wider range of variety. Alesso, Cityfox Rengerate, and the 25th-anniversary celebration of Body & Soul opened this year’s summer season. I attended the Cityfox Regenerate event, and it had more of a variety of dance music vs. one or two artists. A new year, a new summer, a brand new redesigned dance haven.

It was a vibe for twelve hours of the dark and melodic techno and fifteen artists. However, the weather could have been a whole lot better. This has been my fifth year covering a Cityfox event, and it was the first year with awful weather. The festival-like experience expanded to four stages, including the Great Hall and Kings Hall, which means being warm and dry through the cold and rainy night. I arrived by the end of Connie’s performance. Her rich set was a perfect transition to the next act. It was exciting first to see her name on the ballot. She is a significant contributor to New York’s underground scene. I look forward to her performing again in the near future. Closing out the Great Hall were the Bronx duo, the Martinez Brothers. They played a fun and colorful set for a solid four hours. It was packed wall to wall with techno and house heads. Their rhythm and beats had everyone dancing to every track with popular tracks and underground IDs. From the VIP section, it looked like the crowd was dancing at the same it was so massive. It was a vibe for both the artists and party-goers. 

Over at the main stage was Drumdcode’s techno Queen, Ida Engberg. Last time I saw her was at Cityfox Halloween. It was one of the darkest performances I had ever heard. Her Cityfox Regenerate set was a completely different sound. However, it was an excellent performance. It was obscure was a hint of vibrant flairs. It is always a pleasure to see the mastermind Stephan Bodzin perform live. His mixing talent is the artistry of a high-definition performance. The new sound system and video wall were a sight to see and hear. The gorgeous, trippy visuals combined with his set were a different experience. Stephan Bodzin has performed for many seasons with Cityfox. It was his best performance at The Brooklyn Mirage. Mainly because of the visuals with the new video wall. He played many popular hits, such as ‘Singularity,’ ‘Strand.’  and his remix to ‘Sleepless.’ Closing out the Cityfox event was Innervisions creator Dixon. He alone is one of the best producers in the scene today. His talented way of mixing up several different tracks and creating a new style of dance music is true art. The beginning of his set was mysterious and monotonous, but it was easy to forget the awful weather. It stopped raining by the time Dixon took over the stage, it was still very frigid out. The other stages closed at 5 am which gave the techno pioneer all the time to close out till sunrise. Bringing everyone who was still able to endure the weather to enjoy the morning daylight hours. 

Photo Credit: @Bryan.Kwon.Photos

There were many new changes to the Brooklyn Mirage besides the video wall. A new entrance was added to the mezzanine and extra balcony levels. This gives access to more views of the stage and more space to dance. New rules have been added to the mezzanine, you cannot go to the back at the decks anymore. There are no more back bleachers instead, there is another staircase for the new mezzanine entrance. I highly advise next ticket purchase should be VIP or even table service. Attendees are much closer to the stage with a bigger area for tables and room to dance. Reservation tables expand from both the left and right sides of the video wall. Giving attendees an enhanced feeling of partying. More food options have been added, including the Wild Card, a new stand featuring a rotating menu. With Mister Melt which offers uniquely-crafted grilled cheese sandwiches. A new food truck will be on the premiums, El Zorro which will provide Mexican-inspired cuisine and vegan options. Also launching, Smooth Operator features a variety of smoothies, açaí bowls, fresh press juices, and matcha. That will keep the body pumping with energy till dawn. 

A unique experience that will only lead to more massive events and wild times. It's a brand new year with a whole brand new look. The news was completely kept under the radar until days leading up, it’s a mystery how it was kept on the down-low. Each year The Brooklyn Mirage has always made a few minor changes. This year is the next level, setting the bar to its highest standard. Returning party brands will be more memorable with all the new changes that will enhance this season.  New party brands will be exciting about what’s more to come. The Brookly Mirage continues to remain at the forefront of New York City’s nightlife and entertainment.