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February 25, 2024

Glitterbox House Of YES Takeover Event Review

Written by Meagen Surowiecki on February 25, 2024

Since its inception in 2014, Glitterbox has become the beloved party brand, and record label by Simon Dunmore founder of house music iconic label Defected Records. They spread their love and devotion to house music and accepted everyone in its path worldwide. The globally recognized Glitterbox made its triumphant return to New York City for a back-to-back weekend takeover at the immersive nightclub House Of Yes in Brooklyn. Only but love concept, accepting all walks of life for a wild night of dancing, drinks, unique attire, art, and performers.

The Glitterbox weekend takeover at House Of Yes was on Friday, February 16, and Saturday, February 17 for an extravagant blowout party filled with love, glitter, and gorgeous performers. The two-night event had different curated lineups for each night. Both nights' original and different experiences both filled with GLITTER. On Friday, February 16 with an electrifying lineup that includes the legendary house and dance music singer and songwriter, Crystal Waters alongside LA’s crossover DJ Heidi Lawden. NIght one lineup also includes the multi-faced producer Zach Witness and the brilliantly creative artist Sunny Cheeba. Night two of Glitterbox on February 17 was entertained by Longdon house music maestro Riva Starr, Detroit tastemaker Rimarkable, JKRIV, and Rich Medina performing in the ONYX Room for an unforgettable weekend.

Glitterbox House of Yes
Glitterbox event

The New York MyPlayground Media team had the opportunity to attend night two of Glitterbox. I remember other past events when House Of Yes hosted Glitterbox,  those nights are the reason why I fell in love with the music label and brand in the first place, this was a show that could not be missed. Upon arrival immediately I felt a warm welcome to a safe and accepted environment. The speakers were filled with euphoric sounds from JKRIV with a mellow house set. The bar room had side attractions with a massage table and a tattoo stand. It was easy to move around throughout the night to get a drink or find a dancing spot. In the ONYX Room, where Rich Medina took over for an open-to-close set. The vibe was completely different from the main club room filled with deep soul house music infused with hip-hop vocals. The music was so powerful and bumping so hard throughout the speakers that it made an object all off and break. Throughout the entire night, we kept returning to Rich Medina’s performance. The night continued with house legend Rimarkable her loving vibes and selection curated a vibrant night.

The House Of Yes performers started to emerge dancing on the stage, dancers hanging from the ceiling delivering a magnificent performance. There was a person in a tub being pushed in the crowd, the tub filled with glitter as the performer pours it all over himself along with the gorgeous female dancers joining in making a glitter group shower. The performance was sexy and beautiful. The night continued with a two-hour set by Rimarkable playing house classics like ‘Where Love Lives’ from Alison Limerick, ‘Love Tonight’ from SHOUSE, and 'Lola's Theme by The Shapeshifters. Plus ‘String Of Life’ by Rhythm Is Rhythm. Rimarkable played some of her original tracks such as 'I'm in Trouble' and the collaboration song ‘Drama’. She took everyone on a musical journey from the crowd, you could feel her passion for dance music. From a crowd point of view, you could see how much she loves to DJ and be part of the Defected and Glitterbox labels. Closing out the night was headliner house music master Riva Starr for a stellar performance. Mixing old disco tracks from the 70s and early 80s tracks from the Cure and New Order infusing with new house music beats and melodies. He played a few original tracks such as ‘Raw Feel’, and ‘AvPart Of’. His catalog of music selection that night was suburb it was very difficult leaving the dancefloors. Towards the end of the night I saw a dancer in the crowd I went up to them to say how beautiful they were during the night. The next thing I knew I was invited up on the platform to dance with the performer. The experience was so magical, I felt like one of the performers and a star. Towards the end, it was getting difficult keeping up with them but I did it and was given a Glitterbox fan at the end. I give every dancer that was ever on a stage full credit and props making it a profession and being able to dance throughout the night, especially in heels. I kept dancing throughout the entire night, it was the most fun I ever experienced at a club event and my favorite Glitterbox party. I danced so hard the next day I was in full recovery mode. It was all worth the experience seeing the dancers, art installations, and especially the music in both rooms.


Glitterbox at House of Yes dancers and performers

If you missed the Glitterbox event, don’t be sad! Glitterbox returns to House Of Yes on Saturday, March 30. Coming back strong with house and disco legend The Shapeshifters, genre-bending Yasmin, and renowned American DJ and producer, Karizma. Don’t miss the extravaganza filled with love, music and glitter. Tickets for Glitterbox NYC House Of Yes are available.

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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