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November 4, 2023

Cristoph O2C Tour [Event Review]

Written by Meagen Surowiecki on November 4, 2023

These days in clubbing the crowd gets to hear the headliner for two to three hours. In the past artists would spin up to six to eight hours conducting the audience throughout the entire night. The innovative Progressive house pioneer, Cristoph is currently re-difying the origin of nightclubs with his latest project O2C featuring ONLY the popular DJ and producer, Cristoph, and his music. He is currently on tour with his project, he will continue the tour in Seattle, Detroit, Toronto, and Denver, and end his tour in LA. Cristoph intends to take the crowd on an intimate and immersive journey through sight and sound. The open-to-close concept has zero openers or closing acts, only Cristoph will be the headliner at each event. The electronic music maestro curated an experience like no other. It’s a total of seventy-one hours of tunes with an impressive fifteen show dates. The team had a chance to catch his New York show at Avant Gardner in the King's Hall.

As a longtime follower and fan of the groundbreaking progressive artist, Cristoph. It was the perfect chance to see him again with his newest project, O2C. Upon arrival at Brooklyn’s biggest and premiere dance space, Avant Gardner with one of the most pristine soundsystems. The event was held in the intimate room of Kings Hall giving a more nightclub vibe to the event and a deeper connection with the artist. We arrived early with zero problems and a smooth entry, the night was beginning on a great level. The music was exceptionally incredible on the first note that was played. Cristoph began full force on the decks with a dark progressive journey. Delivering his passion and dedication to his craft on the decks he generated a deep connection with the crowd that night. Everyone was in-tuned in his set, the crowd moving to the beats and obscure sounds. Every time I personally saw Cristoph perform it was either as an opener for Eric Prydz or at a festival, this was the first time the night was dedicated to only Cristoph. It was the best set I’ve seen him perform, his craft in controlling the crowd and song choice created a monumental and historic set. This one is definitely in the books as the top set of all time. 

Performing all of his hits made him become Cristoph one of the most popular and demanding progressive artists in the industry. Cristoph took the crowd on a journey with original tracks such as ‘Feel’, ‘You’, ‘Cascade’, and ‘Come With Me’, plus a few remixes with deadmau5Not Exactly’. Making his set more mysterious with a few IDs and untitled tracks in his O2C set in New York. It was a wild ride, dedicated fans were at the event connecting with Cristoph on a spiritual and emotional level. People reach out to shake his hand for a brief moment. Cristoph reaches back to touch the fan's hand making that physical connection. For the first time, in a long time, I was connected to the DJ and the music on a spiritual level.

Along with his impressive set, the electrifying lights coordinated each uplifting beat. The gloomy and vibrant lights would drift in and out, shining directly on the artist giving Cristoph the ultimate headline spotlight. With every transition, the lights would match perfectly to the next drop. Speaking of drops, every time there was a bellowing drop the crowd roared with satisfaction. See the Full tracklist: Cristoph O2C Tour - Kings Hall at Avant Gardner.

Cristoph -press photo

Cristoph’s monumental rise in the US music scene is a testament to his unparalleled talent and work ethic. His growing popularity stateside, combined with an insatiable demand from fans and venues, compelled him to make a strategic move. Throughout his career, he has broken barriers and created his own identity in the music industry making a firm imprint in the scene. His dedication and passion can be displayed in his craft of art and live performances. On his O2C tour, the fans saw a new and powerful side to Cristoph. Making the ultimate transition from just an opener to a full-fledged headlining open-to-closer artist. If you live in any of the cities that are still on his O2C tour, we highly recommend on a mandatory status you should be a part of this new movement. TOUR DATE TICKETS At the grand finale in LA, Cristoph will deliver an exceptional performance at Sound Nightclub. Cristoph is a master of progressive house music and will continue to reach levels and barriers in the industry.

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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