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March 24, 2024

The Melodic House Wave, HEVI LEVI Interview

Written by Meagen Surowiecki on March 24, 2024

HEVI LEVI has been one of Israel's most well-known and busy DJs and producers. He's based in Tel Aviv, where the electronic scene thrives, and is home to multiple talented house and techno taste-makers such as Red Axes, Guy Mantzur, Infected Mushroom, and Guy J. For over fifteen years, HEVI LEVI has been active in the dance music scene searching for his true signature sound and dabbling with different sub-genres. “I've been a DJ for a lot of years. I have a background in high tech, but I don't use it really. I have two masters in computer mathematics and computer science, but I'm not using it as a profession. I produce music full-time.” By following different music trends, he then came to the realization of his true passion and called Melodic House Music. “Way back in time, I produced trance then I changed to EDM with the fashion and then I did some pop hits here in Israel and now I'm back to my roots, more progressive, techno-melodic, stuff This is what I love.”

Artist Interview Episode 006: HEVI LEVI


This year is the Melodic House and Techno wave by many artists however, the timing for HEVI LEVI to find his true signature sound lined up at the perfect moment. It took a lot of soul-searching, experimenting with all genres, and always perfecting and practicing his DJ and production skills. “It's a mix of a little bit of trance, a lot of progressive house, and some techno vibes, more melodic techno. I also have produced underground skills but my heart has a lot of mainstream.” HEVI LEVI accomplished many things in life, had a marriage and a child, and held many jobs in Israel but what he truly loved the most was making music. He built his own at-home studio to produce, and create mixes for his radio show ‘Buckle Up’, and managed his own label Joy Group. “It's not about popularity, I play what I want and for people to be happy. I do it only, to make music and DJ, I do everything, I manage this record label, only because I like to see happy people.” I’ve been to numerous events and festivals and witnessed some of the most legendary and iconic sets. Throughout my rave years, there have been some sets even by big talent that didn't lead to the expectations the crowd wanted. Feeling and hearing the comments in the crowd created a danceless floor and a bad vibe. A great set and being able to control the crowd throughout the entire performance makes everything. Especially making a firm connection between the crowd and the DJ through music. “I'm excited when I can feel the crowd when I make the music like I was there on the dance floor dancing. Although I never go out to parties. I don't drink, I never tried alcohol in my life, I never tried drugs in my life, I never smoked in my life. I'm just a party maker.” Going out to raves and events is never about drugs it’s always and will forever be about the music. 

Hevi Levi melodic house

HEVI also produced numerous hits for the top local artists in Israel. He even was Manchester United Football Club Resident DJ and was selected for the top ten best DJs by RedBull Music Academy. “I'm a melody person, I write melodies and I love to create melodies that give some goosebumps. I'm a melodic guy, I like to make things as melodic as I can. I don't do what I do because I want to have greater success. I like the process, I like being in the studio, I like making my music, I like playing my music, being able to really make music as a living.”

Managing Own Platform

A producer, successful DJ, and label boss, of Joy Group. HEVI LEVI is a well-rounded artist who not only is making a mark in the scene, he also supports and gives opportunities to new and rising DJs. He created Joy Group for numerous reasons, the main reason why the major labels he signed did not want to credit his music. “When I was in the early stages of the EDM, I got contracts from major labels, and in the contract, there was a line that they could take my music and release it without my name on it and I said hell no. I made my own label and I said I will give other artists the option to be themselves. Joy was made because I wanted a place to release my music without limitations. Now it's home to a lot of artists.” The HEVI LEVI radio show, ‘Buckle Up’ which is available on SoundCloud is a stepping stool and power starter for up-and-coming talent in the industry. Plus, a platform to showcase and support upcoming talent in the dance music community.

Listen to the 'Buckle Up' radio Show:

With thirty-five episodes released, each one is carefully curated, with upcoming releases from members of his label, among other upcoming artists in the scene. The 'Buckle Up' radio show invites upcoming artists to the scene to display their talent with a DJ takeover set. It’s an original DJ radio show that focuses on upcoming talent. “I'm sure you've seen it, it's the same with various shows. A lot of DJs play the same hits, top ten artists. So I wanted to bring something a little bit new, a little bit different. There are a lot of great artists out there that don't get the exposure and I give them the small exposure that I have. I have twelve interns and each one of them is from a different country in the world. I made them send the radio show to their friends so it would get more exposure.”

“This is the vibe I like when I'm playing at shows, I feel obligated to play music set to the environment and explore and play different kinds of music on Buckel-Up. I play my own music but I also support a lot of new artists and I like to play new music that hasn't been released yet by other artists so people can educate themselves.”


Music Releases

HEVI LEVI has numerous successful releases under his belt including one of his most recent tracks ‘Moon’ It's dark and rich with rhythm the sleek lyrics ooze with an obscure baseline. The original and curated track is a one-of-a-kind gem, perfect for the techno dance floors. It's a six-piece EP along with a remix package from leading artists in the dance music industry. HEVI LEVI’s own words about ‘Moon’ “It’s part of a series of tracks called ‘No Landing Gear’. It's my story about doing this kind of music, melodic techno-house music. I have been making this kind of music only for two years. I think that I passed the stage where I found my sound. I think I have the true fans already.” Since his tracks are so moving, filled with emotions and high energy. We asked HEVI LEVI if there were hidden meanings in any of his tracks. “I make tracks before I even touch my keyboard or my MOOC before I write a story on paper, every track has a story.” His catalog of tracks and EPs was a series of different projects that finally had the chance to surface in the music industry.

“I think that my best song hasn't been released yet. Every time I finish a track, it never feels like a finished track. I always have something to fix and something to make better. Every time I listen to my track, it doesn't matter if it's live or in a show or here in my studio, it's not good enough. So my best track wasn't released yet but I have tracks that I like more and tracks that I like less.”



HEVI LEVI has collaborated with many artists in the dance music industry in his DJ career. “In my techno half-period, one of my dearest friends called Asher Swissa. He is pretty big, especially in Israel. We had a collaboration, the 'Ten Elephants' collab, and now we have another one called ‘My Oasis’ that is out now. I like collaborating with people.” HEVI LEVI is working hard to collaborate more with other artists expanding his pallet in music and range in melodic sound. “I like to have other influences on my music and do things together. I'm keeping everything close to me, but lately, I'm doing collaborations with other people who also really touch the music. I will really be eager to do there are a lot of artists but this is something they have its own vibe.”

Hevi Levi ADE 2023

On The Horizon:

HEVI LEVI recently went to the Amsterdam Dance Event this year, hosting a few successful events and conferences. His newest release is ‘Back Room’ an uplifting melodic house tune with an old-school house vibe. Which is getting tons of huge support from heavyweight artists. He wishes to release a full album on vinyl in 2024. Plus, hopefully, get the chance to finally play in the States at the iconic festivals Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival. “I want to play in Miami. I want to play at Ultra Music Festival and I want to play in EDC Las Vegas to Miami. For me, it's more exciting to play for college parties. I know EDC is more respected but I want to touch the people more. I want to tour the US, but it's not like a goal. Goals should be everywhere but I want to be in the US. I've been to Tomorrowland twice. I played in 2014 and 2015 at the Main Stage.”

HEVI LEVI - 'Back Room'

Interview Segment: ‘Either/ Or'

Hiking or beach?


Eat out or Cook at home?


Coffee or tea?


Walk or Run?


Melodic house or Techno?

Melodic House

Vinyl or stream?


Desert festival or beach festival?  

Beach festival

Perform solo or back-to-back?

I prefer to perform solo, if I can perform Carl Cox I will never say no.

Motivation & Inspiration

HEVI LEVI’s final thought was advice for upcoming artists in the industry struggling with releasing new music and how the industry could take advantage of a young and new artist. “Never take no for an answer. You are who you want to be, not what they tell you you need to understand that sometimes you need to do things that you need to get what you want. Never stop; if this is your passion do it it's better to be sorry dead than live your empty life and my fans support these DJs.”

“Support these young DJs and make it go to shows pay tickets for small names you don't know, and if these if it's people that you are a friend of don't ask for free tickets pay for them and support them.”


This interview was conducted over the summer, and we circled back and reached out to HEVI LEVI and asked about his safety and health after the horrific attacks on Israel on October 7, 2023. He only had these words “We will prevail, thank you for your kind words."

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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