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No matter how old you are, a playground is a safe place. This is a new visionary media company to expand creativity, expose undiscovered talent, and art on one new platform. A place to elevate the upcoming artists in the dance music scene. Focusing on the latest news, festivals, music, and features in a unique form from a personal standpoint. One location to express our passion for dance music. The world is my playground. My playground is your playground!


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Witness London-based duo @feelmybicep bring their mesmerizing live show for their Brooklyn Mirage debut on August 3 💪

Presale begins this Friday 3/24 at 10am, sign up for presale access now → http://app.hive.co/l/3ry5sr

Join dance music hitmakers @Meduzamusic & @JamesHype for an epic night at The Brooklyn Mirage on July 2 ⚡️⁠

Presale begins April 3 at 10am, sign up for access now → http://app.hive.co/l/3ry573