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June 3, 2023

John Digweed Musica NYC Debut

New York’s premier nightclub, Musica NYC is continuing its impressive summer lineup. Since the beginning, the nightclub had one of the highest rosters in dance music from all realms, including Eli & Fur, Cristoph, and progressive house DJ and producer John Digweed. Thomas John Digweed is a British DJ and record producer and one of the biggest. Throughout the years, he has collaborated with Sasha; the group name, Sasha & John Digweed. Also with Nick Muir as Bedrock.  At the age of 15, he’s been sneaking into nightclubs to party and led to performing. In 1999, Bedrock Records was born and John Digweed continued to tour, collaborate and perform. He has solidified the name Legend and Goat for a while, bringing in various generations of John Digweed and his progressive house vibes. John Digweed continues to release new music and perform at festivals and large and small nightclubs globally John Digweed is currently, he is on his world tour, performing at Extrema Outdoor, FuturFestival, On The Beach UK, and Ibiza. He recently completed his US tour which began in March to his final US date at Musica NYC.

It was a Saturday night in the of May, just the very begging of the summer festival and event season. It was my first time ever going to Musica NYC unaware of the size of the space and the intimate vibes. It's easy to move around throughout the club also when it's packed with people because every show sells out. Upfront the crowd it's difficult to see the DJ perform especially if the person is short. The DJ is elevated and surrounded by state-of-the-art speakers. The best viewing point would be the middle or middle back and VIP. Other than the outrageously expensive drinks, Musica is an establishment with extremely friendly hospitality and treats everyone with respect. Musica NYC strives each night to bring the best acts and give every guest attendee the most memorable night.

The opening act was Brooklyn’s house hero, Simon Heyliger. The game-changer DJ and producer was the perfect opener spot for Digweed. The Brooklyn breakout star has become a household name with his original music and style of house music. His dark and vibrant house music brought emotions through every beat. The crowd was cheering and screaming his name with excitement. The cheers and claps held throughout the entire set, including his closing set after Digweed's performance, which was much darker and more fun. It was very difficult leaving at the end.

John Digweed summer tour
John Digweed

Once John Digweed emerged at the DJ booth, the crowd roared with excitement. For his debut performance, he began with a slow and intense sound, it was a giant buildup to then the shift of faster progressive house music. The powerful speakers blasted throughout the night with his distinctive progressive sound, drawing another sold-out night. The crowd loved every beat and every track he laid out that night at Musica NYC. The crowd was diverse with old and young generations of dedicated Digweed followers and fans. He played for a solid two hours, his set was mixed with dark and upbeat progressive house music which brought a variety of different Bedrock tracks. His set was energetic throughout the entire night. It’s been years since the last time I saw Digweed in a club setting. It was a special night sharing it with friends and loved ones and the progressive house Legend on his final US tour date.

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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