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Infected Mushroom at Soundcheck DC
Soundcheck DC

Infected Mushroom

The road to Dreamstate presents twenty-five years of the legendary psytrance duo Infected Mushroom. The Israeli group will perform at DC's infamous Soundcheck for a unique and intimate DJ set on Wednesday, August 3. Their electrifying style of sound has drawn a massive following of devoted fans. They are famous for both their DJ and live performances. They are one of the most prominent duo groups in dance music. With a slew of music on the way, plus the upcoming release of the 'IM25' album. The celebration will continue with a European tour in Sept. 
99 Scott Ave, Brooklyn

TekSupport: Mind Against

On Friday, August 5, TekSupport is proud to present the return of the Italian duo, Mind Against for another all-night long performance. Expressing a musical venture which draws from the combined roots of IDM, house, and techno. Their gift for creating emotion through their studio's synths and percussive instruments translates uniquely onto the dancefloor, where their slick, moving take on techno makes for a unique peak in the club. They draw from the psychedelic hooks of 1980s soundtracks and modern dance music’s emphasis on sound design to create a distinctive and mighty sound.
Mind Against All-Night Long TekSupport
Len Faki at Knockdown Center The Ruins artwork flyer
Knockdown Center

Len Faki

Techno legend Len Faki will make his Knockdown Center debut on Saturday, August 6, in the Ruins. Faki is, simply put, one of the most important names in modern techno. As a DJ, he balances explosive energy with finesse and grace. The Berghain regular is known for his curation, running the labels Figure and Podium. His 20+ years behind the decks have made him an unstoppable force and an unmissable talent, making him the perfect choice for an extended headlining set at the Ruins.
Public Records 

PopGun Presents: Nicola Cruz [DJ Set]

On Thursday, Aug 11, Latin American DJ and producer Nicola Cruz will make his Public Records debut with Cosmic JD. The siku is a wind instrument of Andean origin, highly symbolic in ancestral rituals, made up of two separate, complementary parts, the arca and the ira. It represents duality, an essential element of the indigenous worldview, associated with involvement and complementarity, far from the binary thinking typical of western societies. On Siku, Nicola Cruz combines instruments with symbolic, spiritual connotations, such as the sitar, the siku, and the balafon with hints of electronica. Studies of the samba, cumbia, and rhythms of African, Andean, and Hindu origin are combined with Cruz’s characteristically unpredictable, mystical style. 
popgun presents nicola cruz at public records
Sacha Robotti Elsewhere Rooftop event
Elsewhere Rooftop

Sacha Robotti

Join the sloth daddy on Friday, August 12, for an epic rooftop event at Brooklyn's Elsewhere. Sacha Robotti will perform on the roof for the first time in his DJ career for a spectacular show. He had a triumphant summer with releases such as 'I'm Having Fun' and label releases with 'Truth x Lies.' Elsewhere is a community that values inclusivity, joy, and creativity. To make this space accessible for everyone, we operate a strict zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, or hate.

Tommie Sunshine With Phillosopher

On August 13th, 2022, Tommie Sunshine will appear at the iconic SERJ venue in Charlotte, NC. The night begins with local and regional talent warming up the decks and room. On the patio, there will be Spectre, Mr. Jupiter, and in the main room, Chuck Norris will be opening up for Philosopher, who is directly supporting Tommie Sunshine. The event will celebrate multiple genres showcasing House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Trance from National, Regional, and Local Talent. With a lineup like this, this event will be the talk of the town for years to come.

“Tommie Sunshine has always been one of my favorites! He's very involved with almost every aspect of music. From production to teaching courses and piloting a record label, there are many reasons why I felt like Tommie should return to Charlotte! As a Producer, DJ, and Promoter myself, I have the utmost respect for him as an artist. He's been in the business since the early 90s and still continues to amaze me with his set selections and throws an amazing performance." - Phillosopher
Tommie Sunshine event flyer 8.13