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October 1, 2023


Written by Meagen Surowiecki on October 1, 2023

As summer ends, the trees start to turn as the air becomes crisp and cool for the fall season of FRESH OFF THE BEAT. These tracks are compiled from heavy house hitters, tranquil songs, and bouncy beats to next-level dance music anthems. Along with a few hidden underground gems from upcoming DJs from other dance music realms. Hear tracks from Defected Records, Dirtybird, and 808 Studios, plus underground soulful tunes. Get dark and dive deeper into the underground realm and untold stories of artists waiting to share their talent. Listen through and discover unknown DJs and upcoming producers.

ØSAS ØHM - Euphoria

In our recent interview, we spoke about his upcoming new single, the underground melodic DJ and producer, has released another creative track. Full of rich and vibrant chords and melodies, creating a compelling feeling throughout the track. He has always had a passion for making dance music, in our exclusive interview, he talks about how he developed his creative and original melodic sound, read more of the exclusive interview.

Pendulum - Colourfast EP

The legendary live electronic band Pendulum makes their long-awaited return with their release ‘Colourfast’. Consumed by soaring vocals by infusing their signature drum and bass sound they are well-known for. It brought tears to my eyes being a huge fan as when playing it, ‘Colourfast’ brought me back to a state where I first began my dance music journey, returning to the old roots of Drum and Bass. Driven by glimmering synths, and thundering drum beats, it’s the perfect comeback track to the scene while still keeping their signature sound and not revising their sound. The EP follows into the second release, ‘Halo’, which features Bullet For My Valentine lead singer Matt Tuck, which proved to be a resonating success worldwide. Continuing their string of comeback success, there are a slew of live shows for the band this year and Pendulum have also recently announced their UK arena tour in March 2024, it will be their biggest UK tour in over ten years with some of their most monumental shows to date. Tickets for the tour are available now for the six dates announced.


Supreme tastemaker Mija is back with her latest single. It is inspired by and in celebration of women. The dark, quirky, femme and club-ready tune is notable for including a vocal sample from a poem that touched Mija for many years. After relentless research about the old poem, and old records she was able to clear the sample. 

“‘A Woman Comes Into The Room’ is a poem by 77-year-old female author Alice Notely that I love. I sampled it in this new club track and have been playing it live. I was going for a classic house sound but also wanted it to be grittier and fun to play in smaller, dark spaces. I reached out to Alice by email, and she was kind enough to let me use her voice recording”, Mija says. 

Mija’s identity as an artist is rooted in the fantastical and the DIY independent. She is capable of striking the balance between futuristic textures and immediate emotional states, grounding even her most experimental sounds in vivid reality. She has her eyes on the horizon and her heart in the present. She has her own label imprint and further explored underground genres of indie rock, Drum n’ Bass, House, and Glitch. As 2023 unfolds with singles and EPs, Mija's focus has grown into individualistic-minded art built around expression and exploring her own personal identity. 

MYRN, Manila Killa - Center of the World

Hailing from Singapore, the DJ and producer, MYRNE has released his new collaboration with Filipino producer Manila Killa and vocalist singer RUNN on Astralwerks. It represents the midst of the soul-searching phase of MYRNE’s career. It’s a new beaming light over the modern dancefloor, paying tribute to the progressive and trance music of the 2000s and the gleaming optimism of the 2010s electronic dance music era. ‘Center of the World’ with its buzzy trance synths, cinematic bass, and undeniably smoky aura, pays tribute to the music that made this world exciting for both MYRNE and Manila Killa. 

“I was perusing my discography and noticed I had no true-to-form ‘bangers’ I sat down with my regular collaborator Manila Killa and we had the intention of making a track like that. It also elevates a lot of my prior melodic influences, so it came through really naturally.” - MYRNE

“Center of the World” represents our love for the ‘golden’ era of electronic dance music: huge synths and emotional breakdowns but with a forward-thinking, club-centered twist,” Manilla Killa says. “RUNN was the natural pick for vocals. Her voice and sound encapsulate an ethereal vibe that fits the soul of the song.” For RUNN, this collaboration represented everything she loves about making music: “Working with the guys was so easy and natural it was really the epitome of what musical collaboration can be.”

ZHU - Take My Soul

The critically acclaimed, Grammy-nominated artist ZHU returns with an ambitious new album, GRACE following the upcoming album release is the newest single ‘Take My Soul.’ The new album is set to release on January 19, 2024, on Astralwerks. The uplifting, hair-raising, spine-tingling track was written with Devault and produced with Grff Clawson aka Sam Feldt. The CD and vinyl edition of 'GRACE' is available for pre-order. Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, ZHU has added dates to the GRACE tour, including Spokane, WA (October 24), and additional nights in Boston, Chicago, and Vancouver. The tour will be the first in five years and will kick off on September 14 Toronto and a three-night show event at The Brooklyn Mirage. The tour will feature special guest Noizu in Brooklyn, Claptone at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO, Hayden James on the Los Angeles dates, as well as Noizu on multiple select dates throughout the tour. See below for the full itinerary, TICKETS HERE.

Polo & Pan - Carrossel Do Tempo

The French music duo Polo & Pan, have released their new single infusing with their nationality 'Carrossel Do Tempo,’ out today on Ekler’o’shock, Hamburger, and Virgin Music. The track is a French inspiration that expresses their roots, generated with tropical deep house vibes. The duo will release a forthcoming EP of the same title, out on October 6. Bringing listeners into a surprising, epic, and orchestral trip, the regal trumpets of the ‘Carrossel Do Tempo’ flaunt in like opening credits, introducing the silky, inviting narrations of enigmatic Brazilian vocalist Abrão. Known as ‘The Tropical Magician,’ his soulful melodies and lyrics evoke the passage of time and its influence on our lives. On ‘Carrossel Do Tempo,’ Polo & Pan skillfully blend diverse cultural references and gather amazing collaborators together. Following a string of remixes and collaborations earlier this year, ‘Carrossel Do Temp’ arrives ahead of limited US performances at upcoming festivals Same Same But Different in Lake Perris, CA, and Portola Festival in San Francisco this Fall.

OGUZ - Tokyo SZN

808 STUDIOS' newest release is from the original force of nature of talent and label boss OGUZ. The massive release is collaborated and produced with Belgian DJ and producer Farrago. The high-voltage, 156 BPM track swirls with a high-pitched synth kicker infused with powerful energy through the entry play. Creating a jolt with dark functions of percussion and high-fizzing chords. While indiscernible vocals and choir samples bring a touch of humanity as they dance over blistering acid lines and percussions. Securing almost a decade in the dance music scene, OGUZ has made himself a firm staple as a prominent figure in the global Techno nation. 808 STUDIOS, is a trailblazing record label and creative collective that amalgamates art and music seamlessly. The label's philosophy, reflective of OGUZ's artistic journey, embraces diverse emotions over rigid genres, ensuring each release carries a distinctive and resonant touch. OGUZ says: “I hope to connect cultures and styles as well as provide a platform for artists to showcase. It’s mind-blowing to see the enthusiasm of my audience about this project.”

MAGNVM! - Clap EP [Dirtybird Records]

Dirtybird Records keeps expanding with new artists all the time, and epic releases. Including rising Italian DJ and producer MAGNVM! With his new Clap EP. Forming a new alignment with Dirtybird’s signature brand and original and quirky arrangements of sounds, the new EP is in its natural habitat. Clap is a befitting main label debut from the burgeoning Birdfeed (Dirtybird’s sub-label) talent. The EP opens with a particular sound where layers of vibrant synth lines with dazzling riffs and deep bass lines complete the track. Fluctuating with alternating rhythms and tech-heavy elements, ‘MinimAlien’ unrolls with dynamic range over its 6 minutes. As a bonus, the EP comes primed with Birdfeed exclusive ‘Peppa Tits’. Milan-based DJ and producer MAGNVM! has been exploring house, tech, breakbeat, and bass sound both on the dancefloor and in the studio for a few years now. He has released music on labels such as Dirtybird, My Techno Weighs A Ton, and House Of Hustle, gaining support from DJs including Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Claude VonStroke, Joris Voorn, Monki and more. A rising member of the Dirtybird flock, MAGNVM! has been building his profile with releases on Birdfeed and was featured on this year’s Best of the Birdfeed compilation. 

SIDEPIECE - Westside

The GRAMMY-nominated duo delivers their latest original release out now on powerhouse imprints, Defected Records. The Los Angeles house duo, composed of dance music heavyweights NITTI and Party Favor, have fast become an in-demand act, performing at major stages around the world. They are ranking up to be one of the most popular new acts in the dance music scene and have hit over half a billion streams on streaming services, ever since their debut EP in 2020. Their latest release ‘Westside’ is the epitome of a summertime anthem, showing their affinity for catchy vocals and sleek, dancefloor-ready productions with a modern edge.

Mild Minds x edapollo - Everything

Mild Minds and edapollo spent time in the studio together, resulting in their stunning new collaboration, ‘Everything’. With a new vision for it, adding his signature falsetto vocals and a more club-focused, beat-driven arrangement resulted in a unique collaboration track between the pair. The mesmerizing single is crafted with melodic synths and intricate soundscapes teaming up effortlessly with edapollo’s soothing guitar tones, “Everything” is a blissful wave of sound that’ll have you hooked and yearning for more. Mild Minds has quickly paved his path as an influential artist at the forefront of electronic music production worldwide. Project founder Benjamin David introduced Mild Minds with “SWIM” in 2018 and was immediately signed by international tastemaker labels such as ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, Ninja Tune’s Counter Records, and Inertia


The UK-based DJ and producer, Cassy are on a roll this year marking 20 years of making music. She returns with E.T.Ascension, taping back into the old roots and sounds of house and techno from the late 90s and early 00s. On this thee-tracker out now on her own Kwench Records, using just an 808 and her computer, and reaching back into old records and dabbling with new sounds she always had a place in her heart for. A break away from DJing and being reunited with her beloved vinyl collection has recentered Cassy’s focus; to be wild and free in expression and to set aside any need to fit into any trends, genres, or boxes. As a DJ, producer, and singer, and songwriter, her prolific force in dance music and reputation for excellence spans two decades, and Cassy is here to stay. 

About ‘E.T.Ascension’ EP, Cassy says: "The whole idea to this record was to work more like I used to when I was still living in Berlin when I started working with this setup of my ex-husband, I felt that the sounds were fresh and it was nice to revisit these feelings using the machine and to reinvigorate myself with my weirdness in producing music and also my vocals, I felt connected with that part of myself as a producer again when I made this EP. I’m a huge fan of The Persuader and Swedish techno, so I was obviously super happy to be able to work with him. We're doing a remix swap together and I absolutely love the remix he’s done on this release.’"

Moodymann - A Walk In The Park (Remix)

One of Detroit’s most free-spirited and trail-blazing artists, Moodymann, remixes one of its current champions, DJ Minx. The reimagined release is out now on Insomniac’s house and techno imprint Factory 93. Moodymann takes on DJ Minx’s iconic 2004 single “A Walk In The Park,” transforming it from one of the greatest minimal house tracks of all time into a funky, experimental masterpiece that defies the rules of genres. Moodymann’s untethered production acts as a clever take on the track’s title. While the original “A Walk In The Park” followed a strict and tight rhythm, Moodymann unravels it into a lucid dream that plays with auditory hallucinations, soulful chords, and creative arrangements. While the minimal and sub-y bassline remains intact, this is one “A Walk In The Park” like you’ve never experienced before. At the turn of the millennium, “A Walk In The Park” was one of the first releases on DJ Minx’s seminal record label, Women On Wax. During this time, Moodymann served as a mentor to Minx, helping her get the label off the ground. Following a relaunch this past June, the label lives on, and so does the friendship between Moodymann and Minx, as they continue to work together as two of Detroit’s most influential and impactful artists. Being able to revisit the track 20 years later, with both artists still at the top of their game, is a rare feat that few can match. 

Hannah Wants - Hard To Breathe

Hannah Wants returns with her third Defected Records release ‘Hard To Breathe,’ the deep, club-ready cut is ready for all dancefloors. This latest release is a culmination of the past year of hard work, developing her sound while collaborating with talented house vocalists, but this time with a darker club edge. ‘Hard To Breathe’ features established vocalist and songwriter Hannah Boleyn, whose understated vocal line loops and reverberates with a quiet intensity. Underneath, Hannah’s signature production style is on full display, making for a distinct, hard-hitting addition to her blossoming catalog with Defected Records.

Jeff Sorkowitz - Hey Lucy EP

Step into the mind of one of the biggest underground DJs in the house music scene, Jeff Sorkowitz, and his newest EP that will literally make you trip out once you press play. The first track and title of the EP has a fast-paced beat mix with creative and bouncy chords while keeping his original style of sound. It will make you hallucinate throughout the entire track. The second song on the EP is a sexy and deep, dark vibe correlating an obscure build-up with a powerful drop. It's perfect for those late-night hours and after-hours parties. 

Space Motion - Baby Blue

The Swiss-Caribbean phenom returns with another epic masterpiece as a collaboration with Charlotte OC. The highly anticipated project quickly gained track as soon as it started to emerge throughout radio and festival plays. As always, the track delivers a unique and euphoric style of sound crafted by the highly respected and talented artist, with its seamless buildups into the emotional drive of elements and moving percussion. As Jordan John and Space Motion groove takes control of one's rhythm and is then locked on with hallowing vocals by the lovely Charlotte OC that sends shivers down one's spine. The record quickly captures one's emotion as the vocal is synergetic through Jordan's smooth melodies and riveting synths complimented by Space Motions' powerful progression and bass punch. Jordan and Space Motion lay on a symphony of elements that have a meteoric impact on the dance floor and one's emotions. The record comes out in incredible timing as Space Motion continues to rise as one of the leading Progressive artists in the game.

Jordan had this to say about the project: “The record came together in such a unique fashion. Charlotte, coming from a more indie pop background, myself, having more percussion-based influence on my music, I knew the potential of this record as a more Progressive / Techno track. Space Motion being such a huge influence on my career, we knew he would bring this record to its potential with us, making it a truly cinematic and emotional piece of art.”


Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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