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After a three-year hiatus with help from dance music and live events powerhouses Insomniac and Club Glow, Moonrise Festival will return. On Saturday, August 6, and Sunday, August 7, the grounds of the Pimlico Race Course will change into a different universe of space, alternate creatures, and immersive art decorations.


Erez Elsen and Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani are the two members of the infamous psytrance duo, Infected Mushroom. They have been touring the world, creating music for twenty-five years, and establishing themselves as the biggest acts in the dance music scene. Performing live or DJ sets at a festival or concert, the pair always delivers their unique sound in a divine style. The LA-based, Israeli-bred duo earned their reputation as groundbreaking pioneers. Throughout their span of releases, it led to tens of millions of cult-like-following devoted fans. While raising the bar in production and creating music, they redefined the rules, and the duo inspired psytrance what it is today.


While people are gearing up for Group Therapy 500, one of the members from Above & Beyond has been working on a new project titled JODA Music. “We Find Ourselves” is the debut single from Jono Grant & Darren Tate, which is now on Anjunabeats

Over two decades, Above & Beyond has established itself as one of its biggest trio electronic dance groups. They have produced eight studio albums. Seventeen compilation albums, plus a film score, and nearing 100 singles. Including their label Anjunabeats catalog of talented artists from one of the biggest dance communities. 

Darren Tate is a multi-talented musician, songwriter, producer, and hitmaker. He’s known for his classic trance banger “It’s My Turn,” then twice under Jurgen Vries's name. The following years saw more musical experiences. Plus Top 40 UK hits (12 in total) and the trance-facing DT8 Project. 

Almost twenty years ago, the pair managed to sync their schedules to work on a couple of tracks, 'Let The Light Shine In' and 'Nocturnal Creatures. Clearly, there was chemistry here. The pair went on different musical paths in opposite directions, producing Trance music. Both being respectable as artists, then reconnecting other than fleetingly was never easy. 

In 2019 Tate returned to his trance roots and signed to Anjunabeats for his DT8 Project releases. Around the same time, Above & Beyond received an offer to score an environmental documentary, 'The Last Glaciers.' What was fun turned into an actual serious project, combining various bits of analog and vintage equipment they both collected over the years. Drawing from many of their childhood influences, they have compiled a collection of tracks that sounds out of their element. 

“Darren had the idea of using the ARP Odyssey for the bass sound,” explains Grant, “and it sounds very retro. We were listening to stuff like the Drive soundtrack by Kavinsky. So the tempo of the track actually comes from that style of music. We wouldn't have ended up at 110 BPM if it wasn't for listening to that kind of music."

group therapy above & beyond lights crowd cheering arms in the air

“We Find Ourselves” features Grant's own vocals. The debut single is a euphoric mix of trance and deep house. Full of uplifting raw energy and with an electrifying melody. The stunning lyrics combined with the crafty realm of sound and rhythms. Both artists put their passion and experience into the new project. JODA Music is an expansion within their creative realm. They worked together to produce in Tate’s studio in suburban north London and A&B’s south London HQ. 

Watch JODA for more upcoming magic this spring and summer 2022. 'We Find Ourselves" is out now on Anjunabeats. Once you hit play, you'll never stop pressing repeat.



A fresh new sound is emerging from Atlanta, Ga. British-born House music DJ and producer Viv Castle has crafted his latest release, “Control,” on Hausa Groove. The track is set to be summer’s tech-house banger. The new track is available on all streaming platforms, already racking up over 50,000+ streams and listeners.

"It's my first "finished track," and it will always keep a special place in my heart. It is amazing to play your own music at a gig for the first time and see the crowd jump to it. Control holds that spot for me.".

Viv Castle

A mix of tribal house and tech-house, the brilliant catchy tune brings a sensation warmth of serenity. He found the sample "losing control" and instantly started to work to make a bassline and went with it. The combination of percussion and the sexy vocals uplifts the human spirit, bringing them to the full motion of uncontrollable dancing. As summer anthems are starting to arrive, “Control” is on the top list to join the roster.  His dedication to the community and love for music helps provide him with the opportunity to impact fans worldwide. The sky is the limit for him and his music.



It's already been a massive year with the recent bangers. Below the surface are some hidden talents waiting to be discovered. This playlist is a blend of dance music ranging from techno, house music, electro, plus Drum n' Bass. A mix of some 2022 favorite anthems to unexplored music. Head to the MyPlayground SoundCloud, press like, and save for future plays and shares!

Lauren Mia - Ohm

The multi-talented artist from Los Angeles comes from classical roots, and dark, velvet bass tones fill her music. It’s her first independent release of 2022 on the boutique record imprint Petit Matin. The track is a melodic techno voyage through dimensions and galaxies. This year, her deeper foray into the European dance label space comes in the wake of 2021 releases via RÜFUS DU SOL’s Rose Avenue Records, Anjunadeep, and Somatic Records.

Solardo - Riser

They are following on from their recent announcement that Higher will return to Dubrovnik. It will be their most prominent and anticipated festival this year. In addition, they released their first track of 2022 on their own imprint Sola. The club-ready single has already made waves to be a festival anthem.

Darin Epsilon, Galestian - RESET [Desert Hearts Black]

Heading into their 10th year as a family, Desert Hearts is known for its wild style of attire and fun personalities, and colorful music. About three years ago, the sub-label Desert Hearts Black emerged. It offered a more extensive range of techno and house music. The recent release is just one of the three tracks from the sensational EP. The track opens with a pleasing sound. It's then followed by an array of riveting melodies.

Hayden James - Lights Go Down with SIDEPIECE

Triple-platinum Sydney-born producer releases his sophomore album into the world, LIFTED, via Future Classic. The euphoric masterpiece arrives when fans need it the most, infusing the same emotion of his celebrated live shows into every moment of the project. The record features his latest single, a slice of carefree dance-pop bliss born from a writing session in LA. The track's steady groove and infectious hook form the resilient poolside energy.

Simas - Benja [Dirtybird Records]

Brazilian producer is only 22-years old and already has a large bill of original tracks on respected labels. His incredible mixing skills often result in a one-of-a-kind connection to the dancefloor, while his songs create an engaging atmosphere. The song has a fast-paced rhythm, big round bass, and a jazzy top line that speaks for itself.

BLOND:ISH, Francis Mercier - Sete

Recorded originally in the 1990s, ‘Sete Djon Ye’ is one of the earliest hits from the iconic Malian musical duo Amadou & Mariam. The track is revisioned into a sleek deep house masterpiece from its original West African blues. This magnificent song transcends the ages while losing none of its mesmerizing heartfelt power.

Underground System - Desnuda (Yuksek Remix)

Brooklyn dance legends are making their triumphant return with their first single off their forthcomingInto The Fire EP.’ Out May 6 on Razor-N-Tape / Heavenly Sweetness (France).  The track is a smoldering Afro/Latin house exploration that weaves deep & bouncy basslines—fueled with dreamy Spanish vocals and a hint of acid house. French producer Yuksek delivers in his signature style with a clubby remix.

John Summit - La Danza

Chicago’s man-of-the-moment is back on Defected with his latest heavy bender-banger. The track has boundless energy with a Latin-infused cut that combines his signature chunky bassline. An earworm vocal and infectious groove ready to dominate killer sound systems across the globe.

Nala and Nikki Nair - The World Is Always Ending [Dirtybird]

Two of the members from Dirtybird released their collaborative EP. It arrives as the newest edition of the White Label Series. A combination of the futuristic productions and the dynamic vocal range from each artist. The Dirtybird White Label continues to venture into more left-of-center and underground sounds.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - A Dream I Have [Damian Lazarus remix

Techno and House Icon Damian Lazarus made his return to the dancefloor with a remix for an eclectic club hit from Crosstown Rebels. He re-shapes the track with brooding peak-time sensibilities and takes the original's upbeat, indie-disco sounds. He casts spikey 303 acid lead lines across a haunting drum groove and ear-catching bloops. TEED recently announced the ‘A Dream I Have’ 22-date tour.

In honor of tonight’s Grammy, the nominated artist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs releases a somber yet tantalizing new single, ‘Blood In The Snow.’ This is his first original release of 2022. The track marks a new chapter and direction for the dynamic artist who has also announced his first album in a decade, When the Lights Go, due out later this year on his label imprint Nice Age.

The single is about the artist's deep and personal journey across a ten-year period. ‘Blood In The Snow’ is full of an obscure and defying sound boasting gripping synths and saturated layers of melodic haunting melodies. Once you’ve heard in his delicate voice, come to a halting crescendo mixed of textures that crunch together.  “This song is about melting glaciers and wanting a daughter, where to put love in this tailspin,” says Orlando about the track. The new album marks a departure in sound, defined by the events of the last few years.

When the Lights Go is a substantial body of work, containing 17 tracks representing the duration between albums. The new album also marks a shift into the pop domain; Orlando’s vocals take center stage with arrangements that complement the sadness in the songwriting.

 “I feel grateful to know that there are people interested in more music from me. So I want to give them something significant in length” - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

He announced the ‘A Dream I Have’ tour following the upcoming new album and released single. The 22 date tour will include iconic venues such as Spybar in Chicago, Flash in DC, and Elsewhere in Brooklyn. Additional stops include Red Rocks Amphitheater, the DoLab Stage at Coachella, and more. The tour comes amidst Orlando’s Grammy nomination for his track ‘Heartbreak’ with Bonobo up for Best Dance/Electronic Recording this year.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ‘A Dream I Have’ Tour


West African native Hubert Sodogandji, better known as AMÉMÉ, released his newest remix package for techno producer Jan Blomqvist called “Back In The Taxi”. Out now, on the acclaimed Dutch label Armada Electronic Elements.

The AMÉMÉ Remix peppers a vibrant afro house percussion through the duration of the track's effortless melodic progressions. Building towards a devastating breakdown before the track’s conclusion, AMÉMÉ peppers his signature elements across Jan Blomqvist’s already musical solid foundation. The Midnight Remix dives more profound with a fast-paced rhythm and melodic sensibilities. The electrifying sound style implements a progressive house fashion, crafting a driving rendition. 

AMÉMÉ channels his cultural roots and ancestry into everything he does. Born and raised in Benin, he helms One Tribe, a global community and brand identity centered on unity and good vibes. His innovative capabilities and unwavering dedication have been the catalyst behind the rapid growth and proliferation.

Jan Blomqvist, AMÉMÉ - 'Back In The Taxi' (AMÉMÉ Remixes) via Armada Electronic Elements


I’m just returning from a long and magical week in Tulum, Mexico, and coming back to the real world from a vacation with a surreal feeling. Don’t you wish you could stay on a warm tropical beach with crystal clear blue water and a fancy drink? It’s time to escape the mind and soul in this playlist. It will help you through the workweek and transport you to that tropical getaway. From Afro-House to Tribal House, the top tracks for your vacation vibes are here. Head to the MyPlayground SoundCloud, press like, and save for future plays and shares!

Thandi Draai, Candy Man - Out of Africa [Mixed]

For those who love to go back in time to include in the records that truly made a difference. The single It's filled with Afro House vibes; the track has a blissful sound combined with a deep and dark bassline. It causes addition to pressing repeat, its melody is still fresh. The mix of African children's vocals throughout its melody.

Black Coffee - I’m Fallin (feat. RY X)

From the Grammy-nominated album ‘Subconsciously’, the brilliant single stands out from the rest. Its electrifying elements draw an innovative rhythm with its rooted sounds. It releases euphoric vibes throughout the play.

Sébastien Léger - Lenarka

It was an all-time personal favorite; it was first discovered during a trip to Costa Rica for Envision Festival. It grew on me so fast with its tranquil and vibrant beats. I would wake up to this track because it was the perfect way to begin each day for a year straight. It's still an all-time favorite with its uplifting chime.

Mark Alow - White Tusk

IIts simple melody evolves into its own style of sound mixed with Afro-House. Its underlining tone corsets until it reaches its execution, fulling its glory. With its unique vocals, the track is a rare gem.

Brenden Praise, Mpho.Wav - Mukutsuri

The original version is blissful; however, the song was reimagined once the remix was released. The remix has been played in clubs. With his various realms of sounds and elements, this track brings out different emotions. It has beautiful vocals throughout the entire song. Its work of craft brings out the artistry between both producers.

ReMan - Special Moments

This very catchy tune has been used on some social media, but its tune draws popularity within the community. It has sunkissed vibes and energy to bring the best mood out of anyone and its warm touch to its sound.

Sabo, Hot Oasis - Bakhu

It’s filled with jungle sounds and luscious basslines, and frequencies. While listening to it the track transports to sonic escape. Its tribal and rich percussion with its organic textures. Your mind will still resonate with nature and the world even after it's over.

Nicola Cruz - Colibria

The vibrant track has a tribal vibe from Latin American roots to it. Its oral traditions combined with Latin vocals demonstrate the artistry. It displays the culture in full form. It has a catchy tune that shows its true potential.

Yotto, Cassian - Grains

The fast-paced dimensions of sound and basslines. The mixture of an industrial sound has futuristic vibes. The combination between both artists makes a brilliant track true and whole producers. It is full of uplighting tones and vocals.

AMÉMÉ, Omah Lay - Understand (AMÉMÉ Remix)

The true Afro House artist's music is illustrated through his tribal roots. It has a cultural dimension of sound and bass. It has a happy and energetic sound to the remix. It shows a different light and raw sound.

The 90s was such a great decade, it was such a simple time where people had money to party. Iconic clubs like Tunnel and Limelight were everyone’s top list to party at and those infamous raves at abandoned places. Where clubbers listened to nothing but house music. A time when a person saw one DJ for six hours straight with no breaks. If you’re a 90s baby or a Gen X that used to go to the raves as a teen, here’s The 90s was such a great decade, it was such a simple time where people had money to party. Iconic clubs like Tunnel and Limelight were everyone’s top list to party at and those infamous raves at abandoned places. Where clubbers listened to nothing but house music. A time when a person saw one DJ for six hours straight with no breaks. If you’re a 90s baby or a Gen X that used to go to the raves as a teen, here’s a trip down memory lane.

Joe Smooth - Promised Land

For those who love to go back in time to include in the records that truly made a difference. The single was released in 1987 by an American producer and DJ featuring Anthony Thomas. It is one of the most widely acclaimed house classics.

Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song

In 1991, the debut album Beyond the Mix was on Virgin Records America. The album contained classic cuts. Knuckles remained part of the underground scene for years to come. He is known as The Godfather of house music, his music will forever remain in the scene. The Godfather of house music was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame.

Inner City - Good Life

The single was released in 1988 by the American electronic music group, featuring vocals by Paris Grey. It was the second single from their debut album, Paradise. It was written and produced by Kevin Saunderson and became an instant hit. The song didn't gain popularity in the United States till the early 90s.

De’Lacy - Hideaway (Deep Dish Remix)

It was originally released by American house-music group De'Lacy on East Street Records. It is one of the longest-established house labels in the U.S. The song features vocals by Rainie Lassiter. It is the group's most successful single. The Duo released the remix a few years later and is still an instant classic.

Everything But The Girl - Missing You (Todd Terry Club Mix)

This song is known as one of the best house classics. The original version is blissful; however, the song was reimagined once the remix was released. The remix has been played in clubs worldwide. Musically the song takes in multiple genres. The original version from the album is a more low-tempo influenced song, while the popular Todd Terry remix version is a more up-tempo dance-pop song. The song talks about one person missing the other because they have moved away.

Kerri Chandler - The Shelter

The vocal track was released in 1992; it quickly reached number one and became a mega-hit. This track was being played across the country and globally. In 2018 it was a rework on Defected Records.

Livin’ Joy - Don’t Stop Movin' 

This follow-up release to their previous single, "Dreamer," was a number-one hit in the UK. It was a sample throughout the 90s. The track has a new vocalist after the group failed to reach a deal with Janice Robinson. The frantic synths and beats of the song are sent in with Tameka's powerful vocals. She delivered an uplifting message over the clunking energetic beat. One of self-assurance is self-belief to succeed and achieve.

ATFC - In & Out of My Life (Knee Deep Vocal)

Today, the music has been played by artists globally, still giving the track life. It became a mega-hit from the beginning of its release in 1999. Ten years later, it became one of the biggest reworks in the dance music industry. It is the biggest and most popular track on Defected Records.

Gat Dector - Passion (Naked Mix)

This strong track from the 90s is their best-known work and was originally released on Effective Records. The 1992 release was immediately successful in underground dance clubs and eventually became a massive one on the UK dance charts. It was a powerful fuel for any progressive-house dancefloor, even today. The members described the single as one of the first to create a distinctive British house sound.

Masters at Work [Feat. India] - I Can't Get No Sleep

The track was released in 1993 and became everyone's favorite dance hit. This one vibe vinyl alone helped kick off the UK house and garage scene, causing every artist in the scene to play in all clubs worldwide. The artists remain to create mega-hit individually and as a group.