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When tragedy strikes people and communities rise and come together, our dance music community was attacked at the psytrance festival Supernova. Shortly after the horrific attacks at the Supernova International Music Festival. A band of Israeli producers, DJs, music professionals, and promoters quickly launched a fundraising organization called Electronic Music Community (EMC). The DJs and producers at EMC released a 50+ track compilation with all proceeds going to aid survivors and families of the devastating October 7 attack.

The compilation features a diverse range of different types of dance music from trance to techno and melodic house music to EDM. From all generations of electronic music, the contributions to the compilation include Red Axes, Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, Vini Vici, Kino Todo, Magit Cacoon, and more. The compilation album is only available to purchase on the EMC website and all proceeds and donations go to victims and survivors of the tragedy. The compilation is a body of work filled with emotions and painful wounds from the terror attack which people still banning together standing strong in all support for Israel.

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Supernova hosted dancers, artists, and crew from seventeen different countries. The festival was its second day when Hamas terrorists targeted the festival and without any warning attendees and artists at the psytrance festival were slaughtered, killed, kidnapped taken as hostages. It’s been over thirty days since the attack and the mission is to bring everyone back. Although EMC comprises Israeli artists and music industry professionals, the organization does NOT have a political agenda or affiliation. The goal of the initiative is to help raise awareness and support for the hostages in Gaza, which include babies, children, whole families, and many Supernova festival-goers, and support the rehabilitation of survivors of the attack at Supernova. Electronic Music Community is committed to using the power of music to raise funds and awareness in support of the survivors and the families affected by the attack. EMC is working with the official representatives of the families of the hostages and the Tel Aviv Foundation to ensure that funds will be allocated to directly support the safe return and rehabilitation of the hostages, and the families affected by the attack.

Just over thirty days after the attack, the Supernova community has already established a rehabilitation compound in a sensitive location for the survivors including wellness activities (yoga, meditation, community activities, visiting artists, et al.), with a team of trauma specialists and harm-prevention experts. It is completely free of charge to those in need, and Nova is committed to leaving no one behind. Statement from the Tribe of Nova, the organizers of the music festival targeted on October 7:

“We understand that of course our role as a tribe and as a community has intensified x1000, but the essence and reason for our existence have not changed that much. We will continue to dance, to consecrate music, to spread light and love, to embody the pure light in the midst of all the darkness, and to march proudly and determinedly and with total dedication towards justice. We continue to work non-stop so that the good will always prevail and the light will always win. So it was and so it will be forever.”

Once I first found out about the attacks on Israel on October 7 and at the Supernova Festival it was extremely devastating to me. In 2022, I went on the Birthright journey to Israel. I experienced the magnificent country and embraced more of the Jewish religion and culture. During my travels, I embraced the true meaning of being a Jewish person on this planet and embracing every person who is Jewish my brother and sister. After listening to both volumes of the compilation it was extremely moving and brought more hope that the people held hostage would come back home safely. The global community can support this initiative by buying the compilation on Bandcamp, donating to EMC through Giveback, or purchasing a T-shirt through EMC’s site. Since the recovery process will be very long, plans are in the works to produce a forthcoming volume of the #BringThemBack compilation which will feature additional artists from around the world.