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The STAX vision was again brought to life with help from the Ornate Project and Avant Gardner. The legend and pioneer of house music and techno and New York hero, Danny Tenaglia brought his legendary STAX set up the premiere dance space, Avant Gardner for a surreal night. Bringing his speakers made from retired nightclubs from Danny Tenaglia’s location to Brooklyn, New York to the largest dance space combine forces. The ‘STAX’ speakers were designed with the help of Gary Stewart, allowing attendees and dancers to immerse themselves and relive the old club scene. The night was conducted with the help of a close and longtime friend, the infamous techno DJ and producer, Dubfire.

Entering the event at Avant Gardner to the Great Hall for STAX with no opening only Danny Tenaglia and Dubfire and already stirring up the crowd with a dark house opening set, playing mostly vocals in the beginning. Everyone in the crowd danced all around to the massive speakers and glowing club lights. The STAX speakers were set up at the front of the crowd. Placing the DJ booth between the massive speakers which set off an intimate club-setting vibe, connecting with the crowd. Every feel of the STAX vibration from the mega speakers so the crowd can feel every boom and bassline it delivers. It was easy to move around the Great Hall throughout the night. Although the club was packed, the crowd treated everyone with respect. Since the nightclub is cashless, attendees must connect their debit or credit card to their wristbands at the Billfold POS stands. This makes it easier to keep traffic moving when ordering drinks at the bar and reduces lost or stolen money. This can also be a deadly combination for the attendees because once the drinks are flowing it’s hard to stop swiping. The bartenders are friendly and quick with taking drink orders. STAX at Avant Gardner was a great location to extend the party for its second chapter with their high security, organization, and large facility the night was perfect.

Danny Tenagila STAX
Dubfire STAX event review

Danny Tenaglia sets the mood instantly with his house-style beats and groovy tunes. Playing infamous house tracks from old school tracks to his latest releases for two solid hours of a crafted set by the legendary house titan. When Dubfire appeared the crowd cheered with excitement for the legendary techno DJ and producer. He performed at Avant Gardner multiple times however this is the first time he played for the STAX imprint and with Danny Tenaglia. He emerged and immediately Dubfire went full-force on the decks delivering a dark and moving opening to his set which lasted almost three hours. Dubfire quickly grabbed the crowd with a dynamic set. Full of the latest and iconic techno tracks, mixing and formulating the perfect combination of sound through the STAX engineering system. The crowd was entertained by his energetic set it brought a whole new meaning of techno from the talented Dubfire. Over the years, I’ve seen Dubfire perform at nightclubs in the States and destination festivals, that night at STAX was my favorite DJ set. Dubfire stuck to his original roots as the techno artist that he is known for letting his music take over the nightclub and hypnotize the crowd with his obscure set. The house music icon and mastermind behind STAX appeared at the DJ decks again to take over the rest of the night. Danny Tenaglia began with a long, emotional, and unique intro with a monumental transition into his uplifting house set. His second set of the night at STAX was a hybrid of both house music and techno. A combination of light and dark, slow and fast, vocals, and provoking sounds he formulated a concoction of the most vibrant and energetic set. Playing to the morning past the nightclub's original closing time of 5 am, the crowd wanted more and to go all night long at STAX.

Danny Tenaglia worked extremely hard to bring his vision to reality with careful concentration and planning he formulated a plan to redefine today’s club scene. This wasn’t the first time Danny Tenaglia did STAX however, this was the first time he brought STAX to Avant Gardner, Great Hall. The Great Hall is the main dance space at the Brooklyn nightclub. It holds a three-thousand, four-hundred capacity with a 200-foot video wall, and mesmerizing laser displays. It is surrounded by multiple bar stands, an outdoor smoking lounge, VIP tables, and a music industry section. Having hosted everything from live music to EDM, underground house, and techno, the venue has become the crown jewel for New York nightlife aficionados. At the STAX event, Danny Tenagila took over for the ultimate sound-bending system.

The second chapter of STAX at Avant Gardner was a successful night. Transporting the STAX speakers, damaged were not harmed and they are safe and back at the home of Danny Tenagila. He continues to build the STAX imprint and brand to expand to higher boundaries. Dubfire continues to tour around the country and globe while remaining the legendary producer he is known for by creating masterful new tracks for the new year. The Ornate Project continues to build the brand and expand throughout the New York club scene by launching and hosting more events. Expanding its musical palate by booking iconic artists and underground talent. The Ornate Project’s newest party concept is the after-hours series. The night after STAX the Ornate Project hosted a wild after-party with a special guest that was Dubfire.

FOLLOW Danny Tenaglia:

After a successful launch of bringing back the old-school club scene, New York legend Danny Tenaglia is bringing back his STAX imprint this November along with techno titan Dubfire. Presented by the elite party brand, Ornate Project which held the first STAX imprint. The second edition of STAX will be held at Brooklyn’s premiere dance venue Avant Gardner on Thanksgiving weekend Saturday, November 25, for a bigger impact of sound and engineering.

STAX is a vision by the house music icon to bring back the vibes from his early nights performing at Manhattan nightclubs from Vinyl/Arc, Tunnel, and Twilo. They were among New York City nightclubs' most influential open-to-close residencies. Danny Tenagila would spin marathon sets from the beginning of the night to play until noon the next day. Blasting every unforgettable and memorable DJ set through legendary sound systems, it features its own ten-speaker STAX sound system from Club Vinyl and District 36 NYC. It was designed by Gary Stewart, giving attendees and dancers an opportunity to travel in time to relive those memorial nights.

Avant Gardner Great Hall
Avant Gardner

With a new club generation of nightclubs and ravers, Danny Tenaglia vows to bring his vision to life at Avant Gardner. The dance space is home to one of the largest dance clubs in the United States. A one-of-a-kind gem, the 80,000-square-foot venue is home to The Brooklyn Mirage, The Great Hall, and The Kings Hall.  Prominently boasting a state-of-the-art KV2 sound system, a 200-foot video wall, mesmerizing laser displays, and pyrotechnic capabilities, the multifaceted indoor and outdoor events space was nominated for ‘Best Club’ in the 2019 International Dance Music Awards. Having hosted everything from live music to EDM, underground house, and techno, the venue has become the crown jewel for New York nightlife aficionados. The venue has brought a slew of acts like Above & Beyond, Black Coffee, Carl Cox, John Summit, elrow, Pretty Lights, Tycho, and many more. On November 25, Danny Tenagila will take over the main hall at Avant Garnder for the ultimate sound-bending system.

STAX is presented by The Ornate Project which launched in 2017 as a platform for music, art, and design. It focuses on forward-thinking music events almost seven years later, The Ornate Project continues to push boundaries by delivering an immersive experience from both sides of the DJ booth. Also, providing stunning visual arts, and uniquely designed venue settings. Plus showcasing a slew of emerging and heavyweight selectors in dance music, such as Lee Burridge, Coyu, and Darius Syrossian, plus collaborating with other party brands such as Do Not Sit, ReSolute, and Detroit's Crew Love. The Ornate Project continues to be one of the leading party imprints in New York City nightlife. 

STAX enters a new chapter at a new location, with Danny Tenagila's personal equipment and music collection, combining Avant Gardner sound engineering will transport dancers to another dimension. 

FOLLOW Danny Tenaglia:

It was the Opening Weekend of The Brooklyn Mirage 2022 season. Before the doors even opened, photos began to surface of the revamp of the venue. The hype was even more exciting for all ticket holders for the weekend. When doors officially opened people flooded the entry at full speed. People couldn’t wait to see the new stage. Their status catapulted them to a world-class entertainment palace of groundbreaking production and engineering. The new video wall stands a 200-foot wide by a 100-foot custom-built stage roof. As a result, the echoes of screaming fans range to an even bigger velocity. Word has to spread across the country and globe, and almost every DJ is eager to perform at The Brooklyn Mirage. From social media photos and epic sets, this will bring a new crowd and offer a wider range of variety. Alesso, Cityfox Rengerate, and the 25th-anniversary celebration of Body & Soul opened this year’s summer season. I attended the Cityfox Regenerate event, and it had more of a variety of dance music vs. one or two artists. A new year, a new summer, a brand new redesigned dance haven.

It was a vibe for twelve hours of the dark and melodic techno and fifteen artists. However, the weather could have been a whole lot better. This has been my fifth year covering a Cityfox event, and it was the first year with awful weather. The festival-like experience expanded to four stages, including the Great Hall and Kings Hall, which means being warm and dry through the cold and rainy night. I arrived by the end of Connie’s performance. Her rich set was a perfect transition to the next act. It was exciting first to see her name on the ballot. She is a significant contributor to New York’s underground scene. I look forward to her performing again in the near future. Closing out the Great Hall were the Bronx duo, the Martinez Brothers. They played a fun and colorful set for a solid four hours. It was packed wall to wall with techno and house heads. Their rhythm and beats had everyone dancing to every track with popular tracks and underground IDs. From the VIP section, it looked like the crowd was dancing at the same it was so massive. It was a vibe for both the artists and party-goers. 

Over at the main stage was Drumdcode’s techno Queen, Ida Engberg. Last time I saw her was at Cityfox Halloween. It was one of the darkest performances I had ever heard. Her Cityfox Regenerate set was a completely different sound. However, it was an excellent performance. It was obscure was a hint of vibrant flairs. It is always a pleasure to see the mastermind Stephan Bodzin perform live. His mixing talent is the artistry of a high-definition performance. The new sound system and video wall were a sight to see and hear. The gorgeous, trippy visuals combined with his set were a different experience. Stephan Bodzin has performed for many seasons with Cityfox. It was his best performance at The Brooklyn Mirage. Mainly because of the visuals with the new video wall. He played many popular hits, such as ‘Singularity,’ ‘Strand.’  and his remix to ‘Sleepless.’ Closing out the Cityfox event was Innervisions creator Dixon. He alone is one of the best producers in the scene today. His talented way of mixing up several different tracks and creating a new style of dance music is true art. The beginning of his set was mysterious and monotonous, but it was easy to forget the awful weather. It stopped raining by the time Dixon took over the stage, it was still very frigid out. The other stages closed at 5 am which gave the techno pioneer all the time to close out till sunrise. Bringing everyone who was still able to endure the weather to enjoy the morning daylight hours. 

Photo Credit: @Bryan.Kwon.Photos

There were many new changes to the Brooklyn Mirage besides the video wall. A new entrance was added to the mezzanine and extra balcony levels. This gives access to more views of the stage and more space to dance. New rules have been added to the mezzanine, you cannot go to the back at the decks anymore. There are no more back bleachers instead, there is another staircase for the new mezzanine entrance. I highly advise next ticket purchase should be VIP or even table service. Attendees are much closer to the stage with a bigger area for tables and room to dance. Reservation tables expand from both the left and right sides of the video wall. Giving attendees an enhanced feeling of partying. More food options have been added, including the Wild Card, a new stand featuring a rotating menu. With Mister Melt which offers uniquely-crafted grilled cheese sandwiches. A new food truck will be on the premiums, El Zorro which will provide Mexican-inspired cuisine and vegan options. Also launching, Smooth Operator features a variety of smoothies, açaí bowls, fresh press juices, and matcha. That will keep the body pumping with energy till dawn. 

A unique experience that will only lead to more massive events and wild times. It's a brand new year with a whole brand new look. The news was completely kept under the radar until days leading up, it’s a mystery how it was kept on the down-low. Each year The Brooklyn Mirage has always made a few minor changes. This year is the next level, setting the bar to its highest standard. Returning party brands will be more memorable with all the new changes that will enhance this season.  New party brands will be exciting about what’s more to come. The Brookly Mirage continues to remain at the forefront of New York City’s nightlife and entertainment. 


The leading mecca dance haven, The Brooklyn Mirage has revealed its summer season plus a redesigned makeover. Welcoming a vast variety of top-tier artists and party brand takeovers, the debut weekend will premiere today, Thursday, May 5. Kicking off its opening weekend with Alesso, The Cityfox Experience: Regenerate, and the 25th-anniversary celebration of Body & Soul. The open-air musical sanctuary will re-emerge at full force with unrivaled talent. 

The reimagined and completely redone Brooklyn Mirage is stocked with a one-of-a-kind 200-foot wide video wall by a 100-foot custom-built stage roof. Attendees will be amazed by new various mezzanine and balcony levels. The new design features one of the world's largest outdoor video walls at 200 feet in length and 30 feet high. It’s displayed over 1000 LED panels at 15K ultra-wide resolution, the roughly 30 million pixels will allow for film grade visual effects. A new custom-built media server and processing technology, that will redefine show visuals. A real-time generated experience set in hyperrealistic environments, a first at this scale.

Led by the owner, and chief creative officer of Avant Gardner, Billy Bildstein. Their latest reconstruction boasts its most intricate and impressive design yet. A collaboration between Bildstein and new multi-media studio Conveyor

“The Mirage was meant to adapt and change, to appear and to disappear. Every new generation of the Mirage innovates with custom methods of building modular structures, as well as with non-traditional use of multi-media and entertainment technology available. This year we’re introducing the third generation of our Mirage concept and while it will bring a lot of improvements and upgrades, and will set new standards on many levels, we found a way to keep the soul of the last generations alive.” 

- Billy Bildstein

Now in its fifth season, the 2022 summer program is complete with world-class artists from May through October. Making their debut performance at The Brooklyn Mirage are Adam Beyer, Big Gigantic, Charlotte de Witte, Cuco, and David Guetta. Plus the leading house pioneer Dom Dolla, Duck Sauce, Marshmello, MK, Slander, SOFI TUKKER, Tiësto, and more. Welcoming a slew of internationally renowned event brands, All Day I Dream, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep, Boiler Room, KNTXT, Drumcode, and NY’s elrow residency with two stages. In celebration of New York City Pride week, the outdoor venue will also host takeovers from Ladyfag's multi-stage Ladyland Festival with Honey Dijon and Tinashe.  This year will be jam-packed with all spectrums of dance music. 

To honor the brand new summer season, The Brooklyn Mirage will offer newly-updated and professionally curated food and beverage menus. The Fox Box food offerings will include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options at both the Fox Hole and City Parlor. Attendees can choose from a variety of sandwiches at Fox Hole. New additions will include the Wild Card, a new stand featuring a rotating menu. It will begin with Mister Melt offering uniquely-crafted grilled cheese sandwiches. A new food truck will be on the premiums, El Zorro which will provide Mexican-inspired cuisine and vegan options. Also launching, Smooth Operator features a variety of smoothies, açaí bowls, fresh press juices, and matcha. That will keep the body pumping with energy till dawn.  

A new year, a new summer, a brand new redesigned dance haven. The Brooklyn Mirage has always kept a high standard on sound and production. Each year people return plus new attendees to get the ultimate club experience offering an event festival vision. In addition to a wholly immersive music experience, upgraded hospitality. Another reason why it continues to remain at the forefront of New York City’s nightlife and entertainment.