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March 10, 2024

Project GLOW DC 2024 Lineup

Written by Meagen Surowiecki on March 10, 2024

D.C.’s premiere electronic dance music festival presented by Insomniac Events, Project GLOW returns this festival season Saturday, April 27 - Sunday, April 28, 2024. Taking over our Nation’s Capital with another vibrant lineup covering all realms of EDM with more than fifty artists sprawling across three stages at the third edition of Project GLOW. Insomniac Events is the leading festival company that transports ravers into a land of music iconic art installations and animated performers, creating a community of love, culture, and music for over thirty years. Expanding to the club scene with Club Glow (Echostage, Soundcheck) at RFK Festival Grounds.

Since its debut in 2022, Project GLOW has become a vital cultural event in the Washington D.C. community. Hosting up to 47,000 attendees, generating a substantial economic impact of over $23 million in support of our nation’s capital. The festival has provided a platform for residents to experience cutting-edge musical performances, while its significance also extends beyond entertainment to foster a sense of community and shared experiences among attendees. As an annual music festival, it has contributed to the city’s reputation as a destination for music enthusiasts. It has become an integral part of the local arts and entertainment scene. Its success underscores the importance of cultural events in Washington D.C., showcasing the city’s dynamic and evolving identity since its inaugural year in 2022.

Project GLOW DC
project GLOW

Project GLOW has taken over the East Coast since its launch three years ago, attracting tens of thousands of music fans each year. This year’s headliners include ILLENIUM, Zedd, Elderbrook, Lane 8, REZZ, Knock2, and Purple Disco Machine, plus a dynamic back-to-back performance with ACRAZE and Wax Motif. More talented artists are on this year’s ballot, view the full lineup below.

With multiple stages for fans to experience, sold-out audiences, and unparalleled good vibes, Project GLOW has been the breakout star of the East Coast festival circuit since its launch. Fans experience easy lines to enter, amazing vendors, and Glow’s legendary hospitality all on the centrally located RFK grounds. Additional information detailing the festival’s economic and fiscal impact will be available soon. Two-day GA, GA+, and VIP passes for the third edition of Project GLOW. Stay connected for the latest updates and as new festival details are revealed.


Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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