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August 16, 2023

FRESH OFF THE BEAT Summer Edition Part II

The dog days of summer are here, so let's close out the summer with the biggest tracks and anthems released over the last month. The second part of the list of bangers of all the biggest tracks from heavyweight DJs and hidden gems from under artists. Let's soak up the last weeks of summer together with tracks from Defected Records, Dirtybird, and Desert Hearts, plus underground soulful tunes. Get dark and dive deeper into the underground realm and untold stories of artists waiting to share their talent. Listen through and discover unknown DJs and upcoming producers. The third and final edition of the FRESH OFF THE BEAT summer series will be out on the final days of summer.

Smalltown DJs x Joanna Magik - Energy

This dark and sinful new track from the Dirtybird community has gotten the entire community stirring and feeding for more. Canadian duo Smalltown DJs plus female produce and DJ Joanna Magik releases their new collaboration ‘Energy’. A vibrant summer banger,  featuring Techno Tupac infectious vocals and catchy lyrics it cuts sharps with steaming claps and riffs infusing with dark chords and repetitive synths. The flow and ebbs flow with impeccable grooves. Throughout the year it has been teased in sets at multiple Dirtybird events, takeovers, and festivals, plus constant plays by numerous artists. 

Regarding the release, Smalltown DJs said, “We are stoked to collaborate on ‘Energy’ because it’s a juicy hybrid of our sounds and there’s no better word to describe the vibrancy of our respective DJ sets. It’s a dream to have it released on Dirtybird.”

Mindchatter - Day Dreams

New talent is on the rise, breaking the chords and creating an entirely new way of creating dance music. This genre-defying artist releases a unique and catchy single called ‘Day Dreams’. He recently signed to Foreign Family Collective, the label imprint run by electronic pioneers, ODESZA, Mindchatter is the acclaimed artist project of singer, songwriter, and producer Bryce Connolly. His latest single gears towards the upcoming release of ‘Spiritual Puberty’ an ambitious six-track EP that traces Connolly's quarter-life coming-of-age journey towards personal fulfillment in a chaotic world of sensory overload.

"We’ve been big fans of Mindchatter over the past couple of years and are excited to have him join Foreign Family. He does an incredible job of blending his impressive vocal work and meticulous production in his new music. We are looking forward to seeing what this next chapter holds for the Mindchatter project." -ODESZA

Spencer Brown - Awu Wemadoda

An inspirational track that expresses his journey of finding himself as a person and within his career, by producing his incredibly vibrant track with rich cultures. Spencer Brown continues to push boundaries with the new generation of progressive techno, constantly producing and mixing legendary DJ sets he releases his first single off his third album, Equanimity. ‘The new single features Wilt Claybourne and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Transcending with beliefs, culture, identity, and love the song was created over the course of five years. L.B.M. and Spencer come from vastly different backgrounds. The collaboration has brought joy to people around the world, from São Paulo to Sydney and from San Francisco to Mumbai. “Awu Wemadoda” is a record that expresses culture and highlights the artists’ collective goal, love, and peace. 

After five years o trying to clear it, Ladysmith Black Mambazo loved it so much that we will be releasing it as a collaboration rather than a sample, We feel tremendous gratitude to get their blessings.” - Spencer Brown. He continues on his journey creating the album. “When I wasn’t thinking about these things, life looked even worse through my phone,” he says “Every day, I saw a rapid-fire stream of contradictions: sugar-coated highlight reels balanced by extremism and negativity from the news, designed to game our emotions for attention. After enough nights driven by pain and uncertainty, I realized that all I can control is how I let external stimuli affect my being. At first, I tried to eliminate the things causing my day to worsen; then, I realized I had to be OK with them. During this period, a friend introduced me to the concept of equanimity, describing it as “calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.” This was the exact skill I had unknowingly been trying to find. In reality, peace exists around us if we can stay unaffected by the noise. Written between 2019 and 2023.  In a world driven by short-form viral content, I’ve focused my last 4 years slightly shying away from the spotlight, making sure this body of work represents my authenticity."

Franky Wah - Call My Name

One of the most prominent names progressive house music returns to Anjunadeep with his latest EP ‘Call My Name’. Featuring vocals from Rae Morris, the single has already amassed over 100k streams and has been playlisted on Capital Dance and Kiss Bliss. It begins with an uplifting and compelling opening with an infectious and heartwarming bassline infusing with euphoric lyrics, through its play it melts the soul. Franky Wah, one of the UK’s most prominent breakout dance acts to emerge in recent years, The track has received extensive airplay. Franky Wah’s touring schedule for the summer is an extremely busy one. He will be playing over 40 dates, including his debut headline residency in Ibiza at Club Chinois and performances at major festivals.

Paul van Dyk x Ciaran McAuley - Someone Like You

Trance legends, Paul van Dyk and Ciaran McAuley combine forces to create an instant class that generates his old trance roots. The new single, “Someone Like You,” is now available to stream from VANDIT Records. It delivers the signature van Dyk thumping beat is ever present, driving a path to serenity with glorious atmospheres and synths that tingle throughout the soul. This is the definition of emotional instrumental electronic music at its finest. The expressive new track comes at a time of tremendous activity for van Dyk. Earlier this year, he launched his exciting new VENTURE X tour concept where this master DJ and curator sources from the finest trance, progressive house, and techno music available and brings it all together during one incredible evening. The rest of the summer will be filled with exciting new original releases and tour dates on the road toward van Dyk’s much-anticipated studio album, 'Off The Record' 

Danny Kolk - Easy Love EP

São Paulo-based producer and DJ Danny Kolk release his new Easy Love EP, out now on the corky, bird-flocker droppers, Dirtybird Records. This authentic new track from the newest Diritybird member delivers powerful and energetic melody flowers with prowess lyrics. Cut with hypnotic vocals and rolling drum beats, ‘Easy Love’ serves as an introduction to the attention-grabbing listening experience of Kolk’s latest two-track EP.  Marking this as his first official full EP on the main label. With it, he joins the likes of Cour T., Bruno Furlan, DJ Glen, and Plastic Robots, other house and techno artists who have come out of Brazil and found a home with Dirtybird.

Sam Divine x Josh Barry - Take My Hand

The summer anthem has earned its title by becoming one of the most popular house tracks in decades. This infectious track is the perfect combination of soul, groove, passion, bass, and vocals serging it to be on the high charts. It's been teased and played for months but has now made the official release on Defected Records. Featuring Josh Barry on vocals, who has sung records alongside Nile Rogers, Gorgon City, and supported the likes of Rag ‘N’ BoneMan, ”Take My Hand” demonstrates a new side to Sam’s ever-dancefloor-focussed style, as Josh’s soaring vocal and Sam’s intricate production harmonize for a slice of heavenly house music. It's been played across the globe and will hold a special place in house music, on the Defected Radio Show she announced more music is to come. A true art of work in house music, as it will become a forever staple. 'Take My Hand' was playing when she recently got engaged to her long-time partner Cash Only at the Defected Croatia boat party.

Edward White - Endlessly EP

The multi-talented artist releases his new oddly weird and spacey sound EP, Endlessly on the Dirtybird White label series. Looming with funky flares of jazzy melodies it generates a unique bassline. Offering a diverse musical landscape, the track charms with sultry vocal chops and groovy accents. Endlessly marks a befitting debut on Dirtybird’s forward-thinking and genre-bending White Label. Edward White joins recent White Label releases with the seductive sound he rooted. Edward White invites the flock to the escapist sounds of his new Endlessly EP out now. 

Describing the EP, Edward White said, “All these tracks are connected with a similar thread of two-step drum patterns, while the darker, frenetic energy of ‘Vert’ is juxtaposed by the upbeat, optimistic chord stabs in ‘Endlessly’ and romantic pad sounds in ‘All I Want Is You’. I spent a lot of time trying to finish ‘Endlessly’ and when I added the main vocal, the whole track seemed to fall into place. I really like the idea of thoughts and feelings being endless (like a love for family and friends) in a world where materialistic things are very much not.”

Seth Troxler - Pills [Slacker 85]

One of the world’s biggest names in dance music, Seth Troxler is launching a new project welcoming new talent to a new home with the launch of his Slacker 85 label. Celebrating its launch is his recent release ‘Pills’ the future sound with infectious vocals and innovative chords to commemorate the launch of the new imprint Slacker 85. It’s more than an outlet for music releases, it expresses each style of the artists that represent the label plus gives more recognition to underground artists. It will serve as a lifestyle brand that fuses music, art, and apparel under a single slacking umbrella. The label launches with the long-awaited release of ‘Pills’, a low-slung acid groove that has been an in-demand staple of Seth's DJ sets around the world over the past year. “Pills” is also the first salvo from the launch EP, SLACKER001. This brings together Seth and three more artists with their own takes on modern electronic music and will introduce fans to Slacker 85's remit for the oddball, esoteric and diverse sounds that are forthcoming from a wide range of artists and genres.

Seth comments: “Welcome, the playground is open. This is my latest fantasy - and my new label. My swan song, my legacy act. I've never had a label just for me. All my ideas have no filter. No compromise. I'm sick of cool, of posture. I wanted to make something that represented me, you, and everyone I know. The anti-hero, the kids who could have done it but didn't care to try. The slacker. And believe me, it’s going to get weird. A channel into my strange, dark, and bizarre mind. Join me.”

Hey, look! Seth Troxler mentioned PLAYGROUND, residing back to our motto the world is your playground!

Gettoblaster & Teklow - U Got Me Crazy

Gettoblaster and Teklow team up for the ultimate collaboration, for their debut release on the house music label, Younan Music. Hailing from two cities that represent house music history from both Chicago and Detroit are, DJ duo Gettoblaster as they team up with Las Vegas-based talented up comer Teklow, as they deliver this hypnotic release. This work of craft from two prominent underground artists delivers proper underground beats that are fuelled with percussion drum machines mixed with catchy vocals that serve as a purpose for the dancefloors. The two artists combine forces with their continuous kicks and claps will move everyone to their infectious and original beat. 

HoneyLuv x Will Clarke - Move Your Body feat. Moxie Knox

The rising underground lady of house music HoneyLuv has teamed up with house staple Will Clarke for her biggest collaboration ‘Move Your Body’ featuring Moxie Knox out now. In just three short years, HoneyLuv has become an essential figure in a new generation of artists shaping the sound of dance music, known for honoring the roots of house music while bringing a fresh perspective to the scene. ‘Move Your Body has a blast of energetic beats and chords with a vibrant melody completed with fast and catchy vocals. It’s the latest in a string of collaborative singles from HoneyLuv, following her stand-out tracks ‘Sex & The City with house icon Seth Troxler and ‘Inside My Mind’ with house heavyweight Harry Romero. Continuing to dominate clubs and festival stages around the globe, ‘Move Your Body’ arrives amidst HoneyLuv’s ‘Summer Of Luv’ Tour and upcoming festival stops at Tomorrowland, Defected Festival, Life Is Beautiful, and more this summer. HoneyLuv’s global trajectory has been unparalleled. A former athlete and Navy drone mechanic, HoneyLuv is now captivating live audiences on festival stages around the world with her futuristic, deep-tech sound. 

HoneyLuv said, “After remixing Will’s single last year and sharing the stage with him many times over the last twelve months, it was only natural that we would work on a record together. We sat in the studio with our friend Moxie Knox and ‘Move Your Body’ was our first idea. We wanted to create a record that brings the grooves to the dance floor and it does just that.”

Will Clarke added, “I’ve been a fan of HoneyLuv’s music for a while and after a few months of talking, we thought it was time to get in the studio together. We wrote this back in August of 2022 and it’s been a highlight in my sets ever since. Looking forward to the world being able to have it.”

Third Culture - U Move EP

It's the newest EP from the newest DJ project, Third Culture, forming the new duo is techno master Sian and multi-talented house music DJ and producer Sacha Robotti, together they are Third Culture a project that’s been information for a couple of years, finally emerging from the shadows with a whole style of music from both artists. As they express their passion and different sub-genres in techno Third Culture demonstrates all sides of both artists. As they release their second EP ‘U Move’ which is out now on Maceo Plex’s Lone Romantic label. The track ‘U Move’ was first played by Maceo Plex at Movement Detroit. The three-track expresses the dark side of the duo, with bleeping melodies and electro-clash rhythms. It's a techno-electro fusion record that is now number one on Beatport electro charts. It's a redefining sound of all forms of techno, as each track takes the listener further to different realms. 

Greenheaven DJs - Vegarbond EP

Greenhaven DJs have always existed at the more experimental end of the progressive spectrum. The underground duo pushes boundaries with their release of a new futuristic project. First with a launch video mix supporting the new EP entitled Vegarbond, at the cavernous heart of Brooklyn Army Termal’s atrium. Second, was the launch party at Eris Evolution featuring all four tracks from Vegarbond. The EP demonstrates their talent and a new wave of dance music, it’s a blend of sonic melodic sounds and techno with an unconventional rhythm and bassline. Their work of art shows true spirit and passion throughout the EP, it soars with light and dark emotions. Watch the full mix video as they display their talent in full force with the release of Vegarbond.

Greenhaven DJs elaborate more about the EP: “We drew on conjured visions of a solitary wanderer - a vagabond of the soul. This macabre symphony beckons us on a journey across a forgotten landscape; an abyss of enigmatic dystopia from which escape is but a distant memory.”

Marbs - Whitefence

Desert Hearts member, Marbs releases his new track on the Desert Hearts Black label, which expresses his past and invites his fans to get deeper with the artist. The track flows with compelling beats and innovative claps and riffs completing it with an exuberant bassline. It's a gorgeous connection from the artist to listening as it plays its dark and mystical melodies. Marbs is more of the darker member of the Desert Hearts family with deep and edgy sets. 

Marbs said about his track: “A nostalgia-driven trip into my past to a special place in my heart, the surf break I grew up at. It explores the duality of my childhood stomping ground made with uplifting synth chords contrasted with introspective stabs and thick groove to boot!”

Red Axes - Hey

Tel Aviv’s most prominent duo Red Axes, comprised of Dori Sadovnik and Nic Arzi, are known for their post-punk, new wave, and club sounds old and new. For their debut single release on Oringals, they teamed up with vocalist A. Alonzo (co-founder of Tel Aviv garage band The Crotches) for this mischievous new track. First and foremost, Red Axes have been breaking barriers from the beginning, while establishing significant sound, and ‘Hey’ nods to the pair’s band origins and punk energy. The vibrant and original song follows corky lyrics fusing with cultural sounds and house music forming an innovative style of sound. It’s a fun and future-defying track that pushes boundaries in dance music. Rules are always made to be broken and Red Axes are the kings of breaking the rules, especially in dance music. 

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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