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The summer and the official festival season have arrived, which means a boast of new releases for the perfect setting for Ibiza, open-air events, rooftops, pool, and the beach. FRESH OFF THE BEAT is back in the official summer playlist, this is only part one of the summer series playlists. The first edition features local and internal talent from full EPs to techno remixes and house bangers. This will jolt emotions and body to ultimate levels with these next-level bangers and soon-to-be summer anthems.

Third Culture (Sacha Robotti + Sian) - Never Look Back

The talented Sacha Robotti has been producing and established himself as a techno and house music DJ. He’s able to play a wide range of genres both dark and fast, and the label boss of SLOTHACID. Recently, he teamed up with DJ and producer Sian, to expand a darker side and under a new alias Third Culture. They made their first appearance as a duo at the Solomun Open Air event at Exposition Park. They played their debut EP ‘In The Dark’ which is out on Sian’s label Octopus Recordings. Plus, their latest four-track EP ‘Never Look Back’. The craft behind the EP demonstrates the talent between both artists, the first track and title of the EP is the true definition of techno with its soulful vocals from Samuel Miller and fast rhythm. ‘Haze’ and ‘Let Go’ are softer and melodic however they both have catchy melodies and devilish beat drops. ‘Paisley Skies’ will transport you back to original rave and techno nights between its vocals and deep percussion and bassline. This new EP has gotten such huge positive feedback from the techno community including Maceo Plex.

Ky William - One Night Stand EP

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer, Ky William is quickly making a name for himself with exceptional talent. Already a label boss of Andhera Records, also landing on well-known labels such as Off The Grid and now joining the Desert Hearts family. His two-track EP is out now, and already getting constant support from elite international artists. The energetic first track of the EP is groovy its vibrant and genius bassline, and the perfect fit for the label that focuses on House Techno Love. The EP continues with ‘Shake’ the upbeat vibe and tight percussion leave the listener with an acid feel. Layered with naughty vocals leading up to the upbeat minimal house drop. Ky’s innovative sound already has taken him around the world as a DJ and performed at top festivals, and events like elrow, Do Not Sleep, Cityfox Experience, and Elements Music Festival. Ky William continues to expand his music pallet and make a firm staple in the house music and techno industry.

Tones - Bring Me Back

Making his EDC Vegas debut, he played his newest track ‘Bring Me Back’. The track kicks off with infectious high-hat rhythms and thumping kickdrums before introducing the track’s central vocal sample. The song then builds and drops into its infectious beat, imbuing its vintage rave atmosphere with futuristic synths and immaculate sound design. He’s quickly rising to high fame his talent and infectious style of sound forming his musical identity. "Bring Me Back' holds a special place in my heart, as it captures the essence of my creative journey and pushes the boundaries of my sonic exploration. This track represents a profound emotional experience, effortlessly weaving together euphoric melodies, pulsating beats, and infectious energy to transport listeners to a realm of pure euphoria. I am thrilled to release it on Brainjack Records, where innovation and musicality collide, and I can't wait for the world to experience the transformative power of 'Bring me Back.'" - Tones

Mike Kerrigan - Liquid Dreams

San Francisco producer Mike Kerrigan releases his two-track Liquid Dreams EP, out now via Dirtybird Records. Following several hit collaborations on the label, Mike Kerrigan returns to Dirtybird with his debut solo effort. A true testament to his status as one of this year’s Dirtybird Players, Liquid Dreams is an imaginative and refined two-track EP from the rising producer and DJ. Offering the flock an instantly enticing listening experience, its titular track is a wondrously wonky house cut filled with deep basslines and cheeky vocal chops. ‘Liquid Dreams’ is complemented by ‘G2g’, a riveting 5-minute venture through textured synth melodies and crisp percussion. With Liquid Dreams, he cements his status as a Dirtybird artist to watch. “It took me a while to pull the trigger and send these tracks to Dirtybird. When I found out they wanted both, I was beyond stoked. I think they represent me well. Sometimes you just have to hit send.” - Mike Kerrigan

Mat Zo - Closure [Anjunabeats]

Mat Zo is one of Anjunabeats’ most celebrated artists, with tracks such as 'Easy' (with Porter Robinson), 'Rebound' (with ARTY), 'The Sky' and 'Superman' capturing the imagination of the masses. His GRAMMY-nominated debut album, ‘Damage Control’, released in 2013, gave Mat’s avant-garde approach to production its full expression. Throughout the decade he released a slew of hit releases. Going back to his old roots with ‘Closure’ is the spiritual follow-up to Mat’s seminal dance record ‘Easy’ with Porter Robinson, which recently turned 10 years old. First teased during his set at Group Therapy 500 in Los Angeles, Mat has spun 'Closure' in recent performances at Beyond Wonderland, Anjunabeats Miami, Anjunabeats Austin, and more. “The vocal for Closure is me doing my best falsetto. I’m not a good singer, but anyone can sound good after enough takes. It took a whole day just to get it right and even then it took a lot of editing to make it sound okay.” - Mat Zo

Anna Tur & Metodi Hristov - Binary Fusion

Anna Tur has a new release on her hands, this time a collaboration with the respected Bulgarian DJ and producer Metodi Hristov, titled 'Binary Fusion'. The four-handed track exudes pure dynamic techno. A pulsating and insistent bass line is in charge of opening the track and setting the base and tone on which the development is built. When the beat appears, a series of epic melodies does too. This dance intertwines until they give life to a network of layers that translates into a rich sound landscape rarely seen. The melodies are both haunting and uplifting, helping to give the listener a feeling that switches between tension and release. It is a distinctive yet strange element that traces a hypnotic spiral pattern leaving and joining the melody. An inexhaustible source of profound disorientation that, nevertheless, is captivating and attractive. “Many reasons have made this production flow and become a reality. An important one is my long-standing admiration for Metodi as a producer. I think he has a special sensitivity for producing and transmitting emotions through music. In 2022 I had the opportunity to meet him. We played a b2b at the  Sunrise Festival in Poland on the "Carl Cox Invites" stage and the connection was immediate. During our set, we both played some of our unreleased tracks at the time. I asked him about some of the tracks he was playing and he said: they’re mine! That was an amazing experience. At that time, I was 7 months pregnant (I was working almost until the last moment and shortly after), and he asked me to collaborate with him to work on something for his label SET ABOUT. And, of course, I said YES! It was a very happy time for me, I had a lot of energy and was feeling really good – I had just had a baby! After Christmas, we both worked in the studio and the result was a powerful track. A musical journey of techno sound with energy and melodics, telling a story of positive vibes and flowing energy. I'm very happy with it and I hope you can all enjoy playing or dancing to it on the dancefloor.” - Anna Tur

ØSAS ØHM - When We Were One

His debut release under his revamped identity, ØSAS ØHM. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands this dedicated melodic house and techno producer and DJ has been in the scene for close to a decade. After experiencing different genres he finally came to terms that melodic techno was his true calling card and passion in the dance music industry. His debut track is out now on Sunchill Records. His talent can be demonstrated in his uplifting melodic track mixed with soothing vocals throughout this masterpiece. It truly stands out, holding a soulful vibe to it, making subtle riffs and synths as it releases moving emotions. Be sure to keep ØSAS ØHM on the radar as he continues to release more melodic bangers.

KREAM - “Sweat’ [Spinnin’ Deep]

Norwegian electronic dance music duo KREAM is back with a new single with their signature dance-oriented pop sound. The rising duo once again delivers a track that will make anyone want to pull out their best moves, 'Sweat' features the perfect mix of catchy vocals, and a groovy house beat. A hip hop duo consisting of brothers Daniel and Markus Slettebakken from Bergen, Norway. The brothers began their music career as electronic dance music producers, but their sound evolved over time to incorporate elements of hip-hop, R&B, and trap music. KREAM has been praised for its ability to fuse different genres and create a unique sound that is both fresh and accessible to a wide audience. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in their genre and their ability to create memorable tracks have earned them a dedicated following and a well-deserved place among the top performers in the business.

Butch & Nic Fanciulli - I Want You [Defected Records]

Two of electronic music's most revered names, Butch and Nic Fanciulli join forces for a record drenched in summertime energy ‘I Want You’. An Ibiza record for the summer if ever there was one, with its arresting groove, warm, looped rhythms, and teeming with rich percussion, the unmistakable sonic aesthetics of both Butch and Nic are loud and clear on the track. A collaborative production debut for the two dance heavyweights, who previously have teamed up to remix, the pair’s wealth of club experience and knowledge glimmer throughout, as expertly timed drops and a slick, effortless feel to the composition make this unmissable Defected release. 

“I have known Nic for many years, always bumping into each other at different parties and locations around the world but we had never made a track together. During this period, I was traveling through Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Ibiza, and Germany and I guess drawing some musical inspiration from these places, especially Balearic sound. I had this track that I really didn't know what to do next, so I decided to send it to Nic to see what he would come back with. And this is how ‘I Want You' was born... " -Butch

“I Want You’ started with me and Butch having a chat about finally doing a collab. He sent me over 15 different loops and ideas and I picked this one straight away. I had the loop on repeat for about an hour and then attacked it. We sent it back and forth a couple of times and it was finished. I remember road testing it out that weekend and the crowd really going off. I think remote producing is way better than both sitting in a room as you don’t have to worry about what each other thinks. When this happens and you’re not fighting it, you just know the record works.” –Nic Fanciul

Kölsch “All That Matters” (ARTBAT remix)

Ukrainian duo ARTBAT continues their excellent remix output with their new rework of Danish genius Kölsch’s collaboration with Troels Abrahamsen, ‘All That Matters’. It follows on from their superb remixes of Monolink’s ‘Return To Oz’ and Royksöpp’s classic ‘What Else Is There?’. Their ability to rework tracks has landed them a high status in the industry, with their sensual style that fuses the gentler side of techno with the experimentalism of electronica. The true grit of melodic techno by expanding the vocals and infusing a bellowing bassline. It soars in the breakdown, taking center stage with little else to distract you from its beauty and tense, dramatic build that euphorically explodes at the drop. A triumphant melody arrives to lift your spirits further, and an even more emotive second breakdown gets the goosebumps raised to their fullest. “When we first heard the record we were blown away by the vocals and lyrics,” they say on how the remix came together. “We wanted to give this record our personal touch that comes from our soul and heart. A feeling deep inside, that sets free emotions and gives you a completely new experience of joy. We wanted to combine the emotional deep vocals, with the expressive melody that comes on the drop, making it very uplifting.” - ARTBAT

Lawrence Lui (feat. Lucy 22) - Formosa (Julio Victoria Remix)

In a cross-cultural collaboration spanning three continents, Colombia's celebrated DJ and producer Julio Victoria remixes Lawrence Lui's luminous ballot (featuring Norway's Lucy 22), ‘Formose’ it’s a peak-hour techno stormer that channels Bjork lost in the vast caverns of Berghain. The remix demonstrates the talent behind Julio Victoria, gasping the track into his own creating a dark side to the original track. His sound transcends beyond the dance floor into his experimental live performance project which has gained a huge following from multiple cultures.

Todd Terry & DJ Rae - Don't Wanna Fall In Love

House music legend Todd Terry is teaming up with DJ Rae for the ultimate summer banger, which is out now on InHouse Records. The sensational track is upbeat with powerful vocals, and the catchy and groovy is filled with infectious claps that will grasp the listener with full force. Bringing the track the deep and sexy drop, wrapping the track with vibrant elements throughout the entire play.


Californian tech house prodigy AYYBO is back from the deep with a fresh aquatic cut, primed to make a splash this summer. The talented young producer returns with a fresh new banger 'DRENCH'. A funk-infused roller featuring talented vocals from Preme combining his voice with rich percussion and an energetic bassline. This new track demonstrates AYYBO's ability to maintain his consistency, following up 'HYPNOSIS' with another surefire dance floor smash.

BLOND:ISH - Call My Name

The talented DJ and producer has just released her newest single and most likely to be the song of the summer in dance music with its disco vibe. The track follows with catchy vocals as in the title, continuing with its upbeat melody and rhythm. Generating the ultimate drop this stunning original track. She has been testing the track throughout her events and performances now with Ibiza season going strong ‘Call My Name’ is the perfect setting for the party mecca of the world. This past Friday marked the official release of the track and is available to purchase on Beatport.

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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