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April 11, 2023


Written by Meagen Surowiecki on April 11, 2023

FRESH OFF THE BEAT returns, this week the segment features the likes of new uprising talent and heavyweight legends. Canvasing over multiple genres and sub-genres plus introducing projects from indie electronic artists. Featuring the likes of Domnbresky, The Chemical Brothers, Icarus, and Bacavi. This playlist article will keep you dancing till the weekend and beyond.

Hannah Wants - ‘The One’ (featuring ARA)

Following her breakout Defected, she makes her return to the infectious imprint with this vibrant and sexy track featuring West London singer-songwriter, ARA. The track begins with soft synths breaking into a blissful melody and a catchy uplifting curious with brilliant lyrics, Hannah Wants has solidified her firm place at Defected Records. As the tracks spread and continue to showcase Hannah’s evolving production style. With an irresistible rolling feel, ARA provides an evocative top line that elevates the house cut to new dimensions, while Hannah’s club expertise gives the track its dancefloor sensibility .‘The One is available now on Defected Records.

Roy Rosenfeld - Simi EP

The Tel Aviv-based producer makes his return to the infamous All Day I Dream imprint with his latest EP, Simi. Focusing on the titled and opening track as it makes a huge introduction with rich percussion and warm elements. Its crafted tantalizing sound takes listeners on a journey with its arty sound. Simi is a transformative sonic experience that will surely captivate any listener. The three-track EP showcases Rosenfeld’s unique blend of melodic house music to captivate listeners with its intricate rhythms and ethereal sound. The EP is out now on all major streaming platforms, and fans can catch upcoming shows.

edapollo - ‘Only You’

Foreign Family Collective is pleased to present the newest single from multi-talented Melbourne-based producer/performer edapollo. This single is the start of a heavy cycle of releases for the artist. The track is a gorgeous fusion of atmospheric downtempo, electronica, and house music. The uplifting track is built around elements of island-style percussion, hazy atmospheres, and a driving beat. Making the completely original with edapollo’s own vocals which perfectly tie it all together. edapollo is UK native, Melbourne-based producer Ed Bidgood. It’s a very exciting time ahead 2023 is the start of a new chapter of music, with a new album Technicolour Places out in July 2023 and more touring to be announced. "I wrote that track when I was in the UK, back in my parents' house and I was living there on my own for a month. It was a weird time for me. It felt lonely. I felt like I went back to a previous life I wasn't living anymore. I set up a makeshift studio in my parent's kitchen and came up with the track and I remember just blasting it because I was in this house in rural Devon and I could play it as loud as I want. I was really feeling it, dancing around the kitchen, and then I realized it could use a vocal hook that repeats itself, so I started using my voice which allowed me to deliver my message a bit more, rather than searching for samples. It’s euphoric and uplifting but also has an emotional edge which summarizes where I was at mentally, being lost and letting the music take me to a better place,’" edapollo says. 

Icarus & Bacavi - ‘Catch Your Breathe’ (Bacavi Remix)

Three of Techno’s biggest hitters are making their way to the top with another collaboration of monumental proportions. Crafted with catchy lyrics and deep percussion with a heavy bassline. The remix is followed by the original track created by the two techno producers creating a completely different style of sound. The remix is perfect for late-night club sessions. Its infectious beat and melody will soon take over all dance floors. The two tracks correlate together with originality and vivid lyrics. Bacavi has created a distinctive sound that straddles an ambitious fusion of dark synths and evocative melodies The UK duo, Icarus established an original and familiar sound mixed incorporating both elements of trance and house music, blending the two popular genres together. The duo has had a successful year with their new concept UNFOLD, and they continue that momentum with this collaboration. Both tracks and the extended version are out now.

Simon Doty x My Friend - ‘Follow Me’ (feat. Tailor)

Canadian DJ and producer Simon Doty collaborates with powerhouse duo My Friend onfeaturing vocals from Tailor. “We’re starting to lose the groove in underground dance music. This album is partly about showing people that club music can still be melodic and emotional.” - Simon Doty. This is the next single to be released from Simon’s highly anticipated album Universal Language, out April 28 on Anjunadeep. Crafted for the dancefloor, with its uplifting lyrics and soft melody captivating listeners with its euphoric bassline. It will take everyone on a journey. 

P.O.S - ‘Let You Go’

Above & Beyond's Paavo Siljamäki shares his next single, from his upcoming album, 'Deeper Tales' arriving on April 21 on none other than  Anjunabeats. The track demonstrates the talent behind Paavo and he reconnects with listeners and himself. A French trance-house hybrid created for a new style of sound and beaming for positivity and a new chapter for Anjunabeats and himself. Paavo embarked on phase one of his album tour, visiting some of his favorite clubs across North America. Tickets for all remaining dates are on sale now with more dates to be announced. P.O.S. 'Let You Go' is out now on Anjunabeats.

QRTR X OLAN - ‘All U Need’

An exciting time for dance music as one of the most prolific musical projects emerges. Coming together of two talented rising stars of the indie electric music industry - OLAN & QRTR. This collaborative project brings the excitement to an entirely new level. Their new track entitled ‘All U Need’ is rich with emotion and euphoric energy with broken beats contrasted with OLAN’s silky vocals.  It encapsulates the best of both artists, meshing QRTR’s incisive beats with OLAN’s rolling melodies. ‘All U Need’ started out as a Hudson Mohawke remix we were going to do together. I made a draft quickly and at one point we took it to Andrew Bayer’s house and jammed on it a little bit. I was working on the stems in Meagan’s car and I just thought we should make this an original. It all clicked. Megan’s music is really punchy and from there she was able to take what I had which was melodic and cute and she made it punchier,’ OLAN says. Beyond this music collaboration, the pair is also set to join ODESZA on the acclaimed electronic music duo’s summer and fall North American tour. They are working on a very special live show that should not be missed. The track is out now on Foreign Family Collective.

HoneyLuv And Seth Troxler - ‘Sex & The City’ [MK Remix]

Fast-rising talent house Honey makes her way through the house and techno industry another brilliant track. Teaming with house icon Seth Troxler to create this infectious and beaming house banger. House music icon,  Marc Kinchen a.k.a. MK releases his official remix of their upcoming collaboration ‘Sex & The City’ out now on Tuskegee Music. The release also marks the return of Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers’ label imprint, Tuskegee Music, following a 4-year hiatus. It samples from Chicago house legend Paul Johnson and his 1998 hit ‘So Much’ as their collaboration meshes with the old0school rhythms it reaches a different flow of bass and percussion. With his remix, MK looks to highlight the classic tones of the original while adding his own Detroit flavor. With an irresistible arrangement of groovy basslines, shiny synth stabs, and crisp drum patterns, the house superstar has delivered an enticing remix that will leave listeners in anticipation of collaboration. Regarding the collaboration, HoneyLuv said, “To even be in the same room with Seth is an honor but to collaborate with him on a track is a dream come true. Seth has been one of many of my inspirations during this journey of mine. This song is definitely the essence of what house music is and what the future will be and I’m so happy Seth was able to help create that with me”. As an essential figure in the next generation of Black dance music, HoneyLuv has balanced honoring the roots of house music while bringing a fresh perspective to the scene. These qualities not only garnered a nod from two of house music’s most iconic tastemakers but also made her the perfect artist to relaunch Tuskegee Music.

The Chemical Brothers - 'No Reason'

One of the biggest and most successful electronic music acts returns to the scene with a new single. Its gripping and irresistible sound grabs listeners as they release an entirely new style of sound. Built from a cascading melody, a heavy acid riff, and a snare roll that rattles like a military tattoo. The fast-beat curdling percussion forms this inventful new single along with catchy and bold lyrics. The single will also be available as a limited edition red vinyl 12-inch with a previously unreleased b-side track All Of A Sudden.

Prunk & Rona Ray - ‘Keep It Simple’

Founder of esteemed Amsterdam-born label PIV, Dutch producer, and selector Prunk delivers his anticipated Defected debut featuring Rona Ray. This record showcases his in-depth, genre-spanning knowledge of house music. Delivering his signature addictive grooves, with Poland-based Rona Ray on vocal duties, the new single is a flawless demonstration of the irresistible Prunk sound, where classic influences meet something infinitely modern.

Jan Blomqvist x Malou - 'Alone'

Through his signature fusion of powerful electronic music elements, soft instrumental riffs, and reflective toplines, Jan Blomqvist has become a staple name in chill-house music across the globe. His distinct brand of deep house and tech has caught the attention of powerful players in electronic music, and even landed him the stamp of approval from the legendary Rolling Stones. Blomqvist's work has generated a cult following of fans who travel across the world to catch his live sets. His performances showcase his club-friendly electronic compositions and remixes live, creating an intimate setting that amplifies the beauty of his work. His latest release, "Alone," is yet another meticulously crafted record that sees him veer into the indie/electronica space. The new track, 'Alone' is out now on Armada Electronic Elements.

DJ KC - ‘Hold On’ (Festival Piano Mix)

Scottish DJ and electric producer are becoming highly recognized and expanding his talent globally. Having a rare ability to integrate underground house roots into a new and unique sound, establishing his own in the industry. The momentum continues with his newest track, which has had many plays and features in festival sets bringing his status to new levels. It is an uplifting euphoric festival piano edit of his 2021 hit “Hold On ft. Kye Sones” that is out now on Solardo’s special SOLA imprint.  “I created this edit shortly after writing the original with vocalist Kye Sones back in 2021. I’ve always been a big fan of spinning my songs in different ways creatively. I had this idea of a ’90s piano riff for the drop and the rest came together pretty quickly. It’s actually been a song that I’ve been closing out my set with for the past year now and the response has been incredible. It’s one of my favorites!” - KC Lights. Once again, KC uses his diverse talents in the studio, offering intricate melodies that invoke a certain sense of bliss and nostalgia that would be as comfortable in '95 but fits right in with 2023. Kye’s vocals float breathlessly on top helping to build toward an epic climax, while having the full complement of KC’s driving piano stabs and a punchy four-on-the-floor groove. KC Lights' career has been on a steady growth spurt over the last five years. His signature sound has opened doors and driven demand for him to remix some of the world's most prominent artists. 

Sam Divine - ‘Face In The Crowd’ [DVINE Sounds]

In time for its eight-year anniversary, Sam Divine makes a refreshing return by relaunching her imprint DVINE Sounds following her new single with Hayley May. The widely celebrated UK DJ and Defected favorite started releasing independently in 2014 with the goal of ‘creating a platform for likeminded house heads’, and the label has since evolved into a celebration of popularity by all house music lovers. With more releases scheduled for 2023, DVINE is all set for an impressive return to the electronic scene. ‘Face In The Crowd’ is available now on DVINE Sounds.

Dombresky - ‘Dirty Secret’ [D4 D4NCE]

The fabulous and contagious house music DJ and producer return with his newest release. Now the Montpellier-born producer is back with an atmospheric house belter that marks a shift from the French connoisseur’s usual funky, groove-laden house sound to a darker, deeper world. Its collective and original lyrics continue the track with bouncy basslines and infamous synths that correlate with talent of Domresky.  A perfect club-ready fit for D4 D4NCE if there ever was one. ‘Dirty Secret’ is available now on D4 D4NCE. 

GUEDES - ‘Bass A+’ [Dirtybird Records]

Originally released as a BIRDFEED exclusive in 2021, the track has promoted its way to the main label after becoming an overnight heard smash record. The Dirtybird debut from the Brazilian artist is a gritty 5-minute cut filled with wobbling, distorted basslines, and textured percussion. Solifiify its distinctive sound with its wubi beat that connects with an edgy drop that fits in the perfect category for Dirybird Records. GUEDES is a rising Brazilian producer and DJ based in Curitiba. His energetic blend of techno and funk has landed him on other popular labels creating his own sound that separates him from the rest of house music DJs. such as GUEDES is the latest up-and-coming international producer to garner attention from the iconic house and techno label, regarding the release, Claude VonStroke said, “I was digging through the BIRDFEED records and I started playing this one out, and I realized it's absolutely insane and I love it." GUEDES invites the flock to pregame for the Dirtybird Players Tour with ‘Bass A+’ out now.

Raiderok - 'Enternal Thunder' EP

Emerging from the underground layers of dance music, a new and fresh style of sound geared towards bass and dubstep with a new and original flair to the genres. Raidenrok is from Atlanta, Georgia, and he made his establishing his identity in the industry a furious way. By marking the first release of his upcoming EP ‘Enternal Thunder’, which is dropping this summer. The track delivers a dark and sinful sound that curdles the sole. Its rolling bass and heavy drops pull the listener and maintain bass music from what it was into a new style of obscured vocals and deep-rich percussion. The devilish sound of the single is seen to push boundaries in bass and dubstep music. ‘The Eulogy’ is available to stream now on all platforms, and fans can purchase the song from Bandcamp, or Amazon Music.

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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