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April 21, 2024

5 Fun Facts About Project GLOW DC

Written by Meagen Surowiecki on April 21, 2024

Less than a week away from another Insomniac Events takeover with its third edition of Project GLOW DC. With over fifty artists on the 2024 ballot, expanding across three stages during the two-day festival. Taking place at the RFK Festival Grounds on Saturday, April 27 - Sunday, April 28, 2024. To help hype up the excitement even more, the team has highlighted a few fun facts about Project GLOW DC.


Location Washington DC

project GLOW

Located in our nation’s capital DC, since its debut in 2022, Project GLOW has become a staple in the Washington D.C. dance community. It’s the first dance music festival in D.C. building a core stable environment for attendees and artists. Since its establishment, the festival has gained a huge following turning festival-goers into local veterans and each year the festival invites a bigger crowd than the previous year.

Owned and operated by Insomniac Events

project GLOW

For over thirty years, Insomniac Events has transformed itself into one of the world’s biggest, leading festival and event programming. Every Insomniac Events-owned festival offers the best experience with the highest organization from food, vendors, placement, location, festival grounds, box office, transportation, and hospitality. Insomniac Events offers the most affordable festival price packages and payment plans to make dreams a reality to attend one of the Insomniac Events festivals. From the iconic festival sets to art installations and animated performers throughout the grounds, each festival creates a community of love, culture, music, and a fun, safe environment.


Cool Sponsors


It wouldn’t be a lavishing music festival without the high-profile sponsors to keep the festival flowing. This year’s Project GLOW is sponsored by some of the largest-leading companies from energetic power drinks, to top liquor and beer brands, plus spiked mix drink brands. Each sponsorship will have its vendor booth or availability for purchase. The new low-carb, echo-friendly hard tea, BEATBOX is one of the most popular leading brands to quench your thirst. Other spiked drink sponsorships consist of Hoop Tea and NUTRL. One energy drink that will help keep you sober and energized is GHOST. The new active power for athletes has now reached festival grounds. See the full sponsorships below. 




Hoop Tea



Bud Light

Official Festival After Parties

The two-day weekend festival will continue all night with the official after-parties at Insomniac Event’s Soundcheck DC and Echostage. Some after-parties are already sold out however, the special ticket holders will have an exciting weekend ahead. Both pre-party and after-parties are taking over the Project GLOW weekend from It’s Murph to festival headliners Illenium, Wax Motif, and Zedd. See the full pre and after-party selection below.

Soundcheck DC

April 25 - Project GLOW Pre-Party: It's Murph

April 26 - Project GLOW Pre-Party: Tinlicker [DJ Set]

April 27 - Project GLOW After-Party: Deorro

April 28 - Project GLOW After-Party: Hugel


April 26 - Project GLOW Pre-Party: Wax Motif & Special Guests, Hosted by Insomniac Records

April 27 - Project GLOW After-Party: Illenium

April 28 - Project GLOW After-Party: Zedd b2b Knock2

Parking is Available

It’s always a nightmare to park your car safely at a music festival. Insomniac Events has teamed up to create a safe festival parking location. Residential neighborhood parking rules are enforced it is very wise to purchase a festival parking pass to guarantee a worry-free, no-hassle festival weekend.  Parking on-site at RFK Grounds is very limited and will set out soon. Once the festival park is sold out there will be no additional parking passes made available on event days. There will also be rideshare/ pick-up and drop-off areas available as well. The location will be a designed area to safely pick up and drop off avoiding stopping or hailing vehicles outside the designated area. Project GLOW is just a few minutes walk away from the DC Metro Station-Armory stop with connections to the Silver, Blur, and Orange lines. Follow the regular fares and metro schedules.

Project GLOW DC

Article written by Meagen Surowiecki

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5 Fun Facts About Project GLOW DC

Less than a week away from another Insomniac Events takeover with its third edition of Project GLOW DC. With over fifty artists on the 2024 ballot, expanding across three stages during the two-day festival. Taking place at the RFK Festival Grounds on Saturday, April 27 - Sunday, April 28, 2024. To help hype up the […]
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